Leeds star refuses to take part in pre-season preparations

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Raphinha has told Leeds United that he is unwilling to participate in pre-season preparations amid transfer rumours surrounding the Brazilian star. 

This is according to Marca, who reports that within the coming days, Barcelona should have secured themselves a financial boost that will lead to them submitting an official bid for the 25-year-old Leeds winger.

Marca adds that Deco was at Barca’s training headquarters last week for talks with the La Liga club’s top brass and he’s since told Raphinha to wait for a move by the Spaniards instead of accepting Chelsea’s approach.

Raphinha is refusing to train with Leeds amid Barcelona’s interest

Chelsea looked like the next destination for Raphinha after the Blues were reportedly close to agreeing a fee with Leeds for the 25-year-old as reported by The Athletic.

However, Barcelona came back out of nowhere to try and wrestle the winger away from the London club and seeing as Catalans are the Brazilian’s preferred destination, all deals are now on hold until Barca sorts themselves out due to their financial issues.

Despite this interest, it is not a good look for Raphinha to refuse to train as Leeds are the club that gave him the platform to impress the so-called bigger clubs. It is highly likely that the Brazilian never plays for the club again but the very least the winger could do is show up to his job.



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  1. Disgraceful, if true. It shows that he thinks about himself and the wild celebrations were all about him and his dream to play for Barcelona. Without Leeds and staying up he wouldn’t have that chance. Why Leeds are pandering to them is beyond me? Even passing up a higher transfer fee. Losing KP for sod all was bad enough. Raphinha did a good job for us, but he’s just like all the other greedy players that we worship and crap on us in return.

    1. He would have gone for £25m if leeds were relegated which is what Barca had on the table to activate his release clause. The celebrations were in spite of his dream move being jeopardised.
      If he was only interested in money he would have left for any of the other clubs, instead he is holding out for the club he has dreamt of playing for his whole life.

  2. I really did like the guy but I have lost all respect for him, what a prick. Leeds need to take as much money they possibly can away from him. Better still refuse to transfer him to anyone make him sit and wait for his contract to expire, see what that does for his international and club career what a disgrace.

  3. Typical of Raphina, biting the hand that feeds him, if Deco wants him to sign for Barcelona then lend them the money, and if he takes Firpo with him we can take a fiver of the price.

  4. Guys I would be amazed if this statement was true don’t believe everything you read

  5. He’s doing exactly what Bale did at Spurs when Real Madrid came sniffing around.

  6. What a douchebag!
    Successful players have always had a balanced mix of talent and character. With shoddy character Raphinha is exhibiting now indication of his poor professionalism and attitude which will lead his career down the drain. Many have gone similar oath before and have themselves to blame now.

  7. If this report is true,I for one don’t want him @CFC,so disrespectful to the hand that his feeding him.who is rat-fingha if not for Leeds??

  8. A very unpleasant manner to address the club who brought his talent out in the first place

    1. Totally agree, I hope they fine him and let him rot long enough to miss the World Cup
      Does Deco translate into Dickhead ??
      The pair of them are a disgrace to what used to be sport

  9. He is not even in the country right now? Wait and see before killing him off! He is allegedly going to be training by himself while the team go off to Oz.

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