Man United star takes swipe at Cristiano Ronaldo on social media

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Harry Maguire is clearly not a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The England international, who captains the Red Devils, welcomed Ronaldo back to Old Trafford last summer following the striker’s three-year stint with Juventus.

However, despite the initial excitement of Ronaldo returning to sunny Manchester, things haven’t quite gone to plan.

Although the 37-year-old five-time Ballon d’Or winner bagged 24 goals, throughout all competitions, last season, his presence among the squad has become the subject of much criticism.

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Rumoured to be stealing the limelight and virtually undroppable due to his name, Ronaldo’s standing at United quickly prompted suggestions that despite all his talent, he is more of a hindrance, than he is a help.

The latest in the Portuguese megastar’s soap opera-filled career comes from the fact he now wishes to leave Old Trafford for a second time.

Although the reason for the attacker’s desire to quit was initially reported because of United’s failure to qualify for next season’s Champions League (MEN), more recent reports suggest a salary decrease clause in his two-year contract is another major factor.

Reacting to the rumours, which have been circulating on social media, club captain and teammate Maguire, took the time to ‘like’ a post, which hinted at Ronaldo’s impending exit, on Instagram.

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  1. I cannot understand why there is so much scrutiny to news of Ronaldo’s purported departure from the club.
    He came to Manchester United to deliver and he did in the most appropriate way.
    Other players cannot complain about him, because he came and did his job.! It’s a team game and everyone who played with him should also have played their parts as well.

    1. It is a team game but off the field he is not a team player. His vanity and ego have caused problems at Madrid, Juventus and again at United. Could the players have reacted to his status, his undoubted ability to get up everyones nose. There is only ONE Ronaldo and he is all that matters. No European cup, loss of earnings, and he is off. Big mistake him coming in the first place, completely upset the balance of the squad. Did I mention his petulance?

  2. Great player and delivered but caused division in the dressing room. You will not win anything with a toxic dressing room. Look what happened to Man U and Chelsea with Mourinho. Why do you think Juventus let him go?

  3. Christiano Ronaldo??? A mercenary. It’s world Cup year, take him and park him off on the bench. We have far more mobility without him. He’s a liability.

  4. His departure is even over due, he caused division in the team which had gained and eventually we finished outside champions league spot. He is free to leave, he left in 2009 when we needed him most but we went on, we shall always exist without him.

  5. Ronaldo does not need carry a trophy in Man united for his second spare to make him a big player.

  6. He should decide whether to stay or leave but all in manu is bigger than Ronaldo and even if he leaves United will still remain as manu and there are so many legends great than him if it comes to United. The descion is in his hands.

  7. C’Boy request should be given a second thought, as he needs to play a champions league competition.
    He tried his best in but unfortunately his
    best couldn’t grant Man U a CL ticket.
    If only his team mates tried the way he tried we would have been talking about champions league football next season.
    Hary Maguire has nothing to tell Ronaldo, as he was one of the underperformed players in the team. I don’t know why he’s not among those penciled down to leave.

  8. Ronaldo is perfectly within his rights to demand more from the board. He is speaking for a majority of us fans who are exasperated at the direction the club is taking. We have become also runs and even smaller teams can’t wait to take on us. The club no longer attracts talent and the top teams are drifting away. This needs to change and fast.

  9. Ronaldo could not help the team reach the Champions league. He think it is his right to play every game whether he had an off day or not. He just did his job with his goals. Glad he is leaving.

  10. Funny! After dividing the team with a selfish personal best.

    Ronaldo is not a team player, he plays for himself alone.

    He wants everyone to bow to him. His main goal joining Man UTD back should be sacrifice and grow the team especially the youth players and not to make a name that is already made.

    Shame on him for trying to leave again.

    I love his game, but not his attitude.

  11. i think your not reasoning here before ronold had Manchester United won anything lets be real

  12. Manchester United were great before Cristiano Ronaldo they’ll be great after Cristiano Ronaldo, it sucks that he wants leave United but the service he’s given the footballing world has been phenomenal he wants CL football he wants to extend his records and legacy he’s nearing the end of his career let him be.

    I think as a United fan my whole life loosing probably the best player in the world sucks but we were having a hard time before he arrived, he did his job with 24 goals, he wants to win there’s nothing wrong with that. Let him go we will bounce back

  13. I respected Ronaldo as a player and humanitarian.
    However I’m disappointed at his decision to leave.United was the platform that he used to launch his career to new heights and now when the chips are down at United instead of behaving like a true champion and assist in getting United back in the title race and champions league contenders,he wants to jump ship.
    Did he return to United because he loved the team or just for money.
    Only he can answer that question.

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