Cristiano Ronaldo slammed for “ruining his legacy” at Manchester United

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Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo has been criticised for the way he’s handled his transfer saga this summer.

It was a difficult enough start for new manager Erik ten Hag anyway, and now Ronaldo failing to report the training has made this an even more complicated transfer window for the new man at the helm to navigate.

Gabriel Agbonlahor is far from impressed with Ronaldo, slamming the Portugal international for ruining his legacy with the club’s fans with the way he’s behaving.

Still, the pundit also admitted he could imagine Ten Hag might be secretly relieved, as it might make his job easier due to the fact that he probably wouldn’t have built his team around the ageing superstar this season anyway.

Cristiano Ronaldo in action for Manchester United

Discussing the Ronaldo situation with Football Insider, former Aston Villa ace Agbonlahor said: “You’ve just lost Pogba, then Ronaldo’s going to leave players will look up to him and see he’s meant to love the club and it just shows there is no loyalty to football from clubs to players and players to clubs.

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“If there is something better for Ronaldo, he will go, he will drop Man United immediately, he doesn’t care.

“I’m sure it’s very disappointing for Man United fans and he’s ruining his legacy. When they needed him Man United fans will remember that he jumped ship.

“Even Ten Hag, he is probably buzzing deep down. He’s probably delighted because he wouldn’t have started him too much next season anyway.”

United fans are sure to be split over the Ronaldo situation, with some feeling that a player of his quality and experience is worth keeping around, while others will feel he is now passed his best and wouldn’t be the best fit for the new style of play anyway.

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  1. The notion that Cristiano Ronaldo is ruining his Man United Legacy is Ludicrous!! He is no more ruining his Legacy, with the Solid Supporters, than Georgie Best did some 50 Years ago!! I remember The Belfast Boy, well!! I was a United Supporter When Georgie was a teenager!! How Can An Eagle Soar With Other Eagles, When He Is Stuck Down On The Ground With The Turkeys?!?!? Ronaldo is an Eagle, United is still full of Turkeys even with half the Turkey Flock now gone!!

  2. I liked the bird analogy but instead of being an eagle Ronaldo is more a peacock but spot on with the turkeys

  3. Gabby agbonlahor has always been jealous of CR. Evn before this transfer saga, he had nothing good to say about CR anyway. I remembered he did say earlier this year that Man utd made a mistake by signing a player who is past his best. One shouldnt take gabby’s words on CR.

  4. Just let him leave, no point keeping someone who is not interested in playing for you.
    The earlier you let him go the better.

  5. Players are in it for money. There is no loyalty to team principles. It is a disease in football and no player is immune after some time.

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