Ronaldo wants Chelsea for commercial reasons, Real Madrid will be monitoring Tuchel and Mount’s poor judgement could see him lose thousands of pounds

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In his eighth exclusive column for CaughtOffside, super-agent Rob Segal lifts the lid on what’s really going on in British football.


Cristiano Ronaldo would only go to Chelsea for commercial reasons…

At the age of 37, with his 500m followers on social media, London, from a commercial point of view is a much more inviting place to be. Obviously, to be in London, would be commercially more central for him. That must be where all this talk is coming from.

I think if he does leave Old Trafford, instead of being a hero and leaving a hero, United fans might see him differently…That would be a shame because he is an unbelievable athlete. One of the very best to play the game.

Let’s not forget either – he did agree to a contract. He knew the risks involved when he signed on the dotted line, no other clubs were prepared to commit like United.

Don’t get me wrong, I know the Red Devils aren’t in next season’s Champions League and that will factor into his decision a bit too, but although Chelsea are going well in this summer’s transfer window, it isn’t like they’re going to run away with the Premier League next season, or be odds on favourites to go on a deep run in Europe. It would be such a shame, his legacy will be massively dented if he goes through with it.

Cristiano Ronaldo in action for Manchester United.

So for him to go after just one year when they’ve just bought a new manager in, would not be good for United at all. Ronaldo scored 24 goals last season, if he does that, or gets close to that again next season, who wouldn’t want that? – Erik ten Hag definitely will.

I do believe he will eventually leave at some point this summer and unfortunately for the United faithful, I can’t see anywhere for him other than Chelsea.

Thomas Tuchel is so good Real Madrid would take him over Carlo Ancelotti…

On the subject of Chelsea – owner Todd Boehly is taking on a lot of responsibility and he is going to learn the hard way how things work.

It is brilliant for the fans though because it appears it is a bit like ‘The King is dead, long live the King’. Boehly is really prepared to go for it and sign some serious talent this summer.

Thomas Tuchel is brilliant too. The way he dealt with the Romelu Lukaku crisis last season was better than how Boris Johnson dealt with Parliament!

Quite often, new owners come in and have their own management ideas, but this isn’t the case with Boehly and Chelsea. It is very obvious that one thing that is not under scrutiny there is the manager and his staff.

I remember reading a quote from Harry Redknapp openly saying that there is no evidence that Tuchel is a great manager… Rubbish!

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Tuchel is one of the best I have ever seen. The way he conducts himself on the touchline, on the training pitch and in press conferences is top-class. His skill set is so versatile that he could almost be the CEO of a city bank.

Thomas Tuchel has done an incredible job at Chelsea.

Don’t think for one second that Real Madrid aren’t watching Tuchel. He could really end up there. If Tuchel ever hinted at a change of scenery, Real Madrid would jump at the chance to sign him, even after all Carlo Ancelotti did last season. They would look at it like ‘we are Real Madrid, we are the best so we want the best’.

I’m not saying it is going to happen now, but at some point in the future, I believe, if there is an opportunity, we’ll see Real Madrid make a move for Tuchel. That is why Chelsea are so willing to back him. They know they need to keep hold of him for as long as they can.

It’s important to point out that it isn’t just Tuchel though. There are another three guys in his close team at Chelsea. Benny Weber, for example, he’s their first-team coach and analyst, and he is phenomenal. Webber is a brilliant addition to the club and the players love him.

Mason Mount made decision that could cost him thousands…

I think Mason Mount will end up renewing his deal at Chelsea soon but he doesn’t get professional advice and it is no coincidence that he has found himself in this situation. Mount is represented by his family after leaving the agency that helped create him.

If a player wants to be treated as a professional, you need to put yourself among professional people. Parents don’t always know what is best. Some parents who represent their children get starry-eyed and it doesn’t always work in their favour.

Mason Mount’s contract with Chelsea is set to expire in 2024.

Put it this way – whatever Mount’s next contract is, he’d have got more if he’d stuck with the agency that would know the real numbers, as opposed to parents talking on the touchline thinking they know the right levels.

Juan Mata will go to a top Spanish club…

Mount’s situation aside – one of the few instances, where family representation has paid off, is Juan Mata and his father. Having said that, being Mata’s agent is like being Ken Barlow’s agent. It’s easy!

Interestingly, Mata is a free agent this summer and even at the age of 34, I think he’ll go to a big club. I think he’ll end up moving to a Spanish side. For example, he could fit into Atletico Madrid’s system with no problem at all.

Even Real Madrid may fancy it – I can definitely see Mata going to a top-top Spanish club this summer.

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