Cristiano Ronaldo looking to leave Man United over Messi record insecurity

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The debate over who’s the better player between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi will rumble on for decades after they retire, but you can tell that Ronaldo is slightly more insecure over his place in footballing history.

While they might be different in playing style, their incredible achievements and goalscoring records won’t be matched anytime soon, but you always got the impression that Messi and his Barcelona side were seen as superior when compared with Real Madrid.

Ronaldo has proven himself time and time again, he was also incredible for Man United and Juventus, but time is running out for both superstars as they enter the twilight of their careers.

United won’t be in the Champions League next year and it’s not ridiculous to say that each season could be Ronaldo’s last, and that’s coming into his reasoning as he looks to force a move:

It’s always disappointing to see a player pick their own interests over the needs of the team, but if he’s genuinely worried about Messi having the UCL goal record and that’s why he’s willing to disrupt his team’s pre-season plans then it’s not a good look for him.

It does smack of an insecurity when it comes to the final comparison against his career nemesis, but time will tell if he gets his move.

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