Pundit fears relegation for Leeds and Everton as things sound grim behind the scenes

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Preseason is a time for optimism. It gives every fan a few weeks to dream of an outstanding season before the inevitable defeat on the opening day that drains all of the misplaced enthusiasm for another year.

It should be a worrying sign if leaks are suggesting that all is not well behind the scenes, although you could also argue that if Richard Keys is making claims then the opposite is very much true.

In fairness, he does have some important connections with clubs so he should be privy to some accurate information, and it’s been reported that he’s not hearing good things about Leeds or Everton ahead of the new year.

You do have to worry for Leeds after the departures of Kalvin Phillips and Raphinha, while their new signings aren’t proven in the Premier League and Jesse Marsch also needs to prove himself so you can understand why there might be nerves.

As for Everton, they’re finding it difficult to sign all of their key targets due to financial restraints while Richarlison has left and Dominic Calvert-Lewin has his injury issues, so Frank Lampard will need to work some magic at Goodison Park too.

Does that mean they’re both set for relegation this season? If they actually go on to have decent campaigns, it wouldn’t be the first time that Keys has been proven wildly wrong…

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  1. Think Leeds will surprise a few this season .all new signings looking good as gelled straight away. Keep an eye out for, arronson, guyie,sinisterra and gelhart.

  2. Leeds new signings unproven in premier league….Neither where Phillips or Raphina two seasons ago….Richard Keys..The forgotten man…

  3. We always expect all this negative pre season talk about our club Leeds United, seems like journalists have a one track mind. We are virtually a new side with a new manager etc with a lot of investment now being made in the team. We are a wealthy club with big money to spend, and of course support second to none.
    We don’t expect to win the league this year, it’s more about consolidation as a premiership side.I am convinced we will finish this season mid table and maybe with a cup run.

  4. Richard Keys? Spent force trying to remind people he still exists. I would be more worried if he predicted a good season.

  5. Richard Keys…
    Just gets fatter and more irrelevant as the years roll on.
    Does he suffer with ‘imposter syndrome’ ? 🤔
    Almost certainly not.

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