“You can feel his arrogance” – Super-agent says Liverpool should drop defender

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Despite being one of Europe’s most reliable teams in recent seasons, Liverpool have endured a tough start to the new 2022-23 campaign.

Having won just two of their opening six Premier League games, Jurgen Klopp’s Reds currently find themselves seventh in the table and a long way off where they would have expected to be.

It hasn’t just been domestically that the 2019-20 champions have struggled though. Wednesday night saw Klopp and his side travel to Naples to take on Napoli in their first group game in this year’s Champions League.

Despite naming a strong starting 11, Klopp watched on Liverpool were thumped 4-1 by their Serie A opponents.

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Off to a bad start in Europe – a competition the club have previously thrived in, fans will undoubtedly be concerned that a quick turnaround is needed.

Speaking about the Merseyside giants, super-agent Rob Segal, who spoke exclusively to CaughtOffside, pinpointed full-back Trent Alexander-Arnold as the Reds’ weakest link and suggested Klopp should consider dropping him.

“Liverpool have major injury problems which haven’t helped and a player like Trent Alexander-Arnold probably needs a prolonged rest,” Segal said in an exclusive interview.

“However, because of his standing within the club, you can feel his arrogance when he is slowly running back to goal. Alexander-Arnold knows that no matter what he does, right or wrong, he is likely to start week in, week out.

“It is no secret that Alexander-Arnold is a lot better going forward than he is defensively, so his weaknesses need to be covered and unfortunately for Klopp, at the moment, none of his side’s backline are playing particularly well. The timing of their drop-off in form has been really unfortunate.”

Do you agree with Segal’s assessment of Alexander-Arnold? – Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Fair comments, but didn’t go far enough in his comments. Here are the basics, as I see it.

    The players are tired and ageing and not just because of last seasons effort but they have hardly had a break before preseason starts again. Therefore a lot of players need to be sold to other clubs.

    The midfield needs replacing; Henderson, Ox, Keita, Milner, Fabinho, Jones and Thiago, so that only leaves Elliot and Carvalho, and Arthur is just a fill in.

    The forwards that need to go are Firmino and Salah, Salah just has not been the same since losing the AFCON in January and he’s got his big money contract, but doesn’t deserve it.

    Liverpool’s main defenders that must be replaced are VVD, TAA, Gomez, Matip and Robertson. They are not good enough to be playing in Liverpool’s team.

    Out of our regular starting 11 only four are good enough to remain the rest just don’t deserve to play for Liverpool. Only Allison, Jota, Diaz and Nunez deserve to remain. the rest need to be sold and replaced with quality players that are young and ambitious like Nunez, Diaz, Elliot and Carvalho.

    1. Lad fair enough they are all under performing but I don’t know were you get tour theory that nearly the whole team has to go Wes you of that opinion last year or should I say 4 months ago when we were 2 games from emortallity I love my club through thick and thin but I tell you something some of are fans you included my friend are so fickle it hurts my head you need your head for one and eyes testing

      1. I agree Alexander Arnold doesn’t know how to defend. And doesn’t get back quick enough Robinson doesn’t have a right foot and always goes back when it’s right. Salah didn’t have a pre season and losing the final to Mane must have hurt Milner has been a great buy and should go to help the academy but leave to the premier league to younger players. I’ve been a liverpool suporter since the 1940 so I’ve seen them good and bad and this one of the good spells Klopp will sort it out

    2. Pretty much agree with the comments but cannot understand why Salah was given a new contract because his form since the AFCON cup has been awful. It feels like he has achieved what he wanted so he thinks he doesn’t need to do any more.
      We are stuck with this squad until January so all we can do is change the system. I think a 44-2-3-1 will help shore up the defence the we can go from there.

      1. With 44 players in your defensive line up, you would be able to park several buses at the back! Not sure even that would keep the ball out of the net, though.

      2. Liverpool is missing the link-up play between Mane and other players, particularly Sallah.
        He drives the team from midfield and could arguably be described as the crankshaft of the Liverpool team.

    3. I disagree Geoffrey. I would rather retain our defenders and get so called fans like you to piss off to prawn sandwich and support Manure

    4. 100% Agree to this option. Get a fresh and really want to play for liverpool. Liverpool are so weak at midfield and right back, Gomez just the worst. My opinion, Jurgen klopp also should be replace.

  2. I agree with him 100% ! The same applies to Salah. Whatever Trent and Salah do they know that Klopp will still give them first choice !

  3. Geoffrey – Put down that smoke.

    You would like to replace the whole squad?
    Firstly, this is not the players fault, they are in the LFC shirt because that is what KLOPP has to work with.

    LFC had to sell players to buy players, they do not get funds for players like the top big wigs.

    Klopp has to make do with what he has got.
    LFC have made FSG very wealthy over the years.
    LFC is simply an investment which they milk every year, unlike other certain other clubs who give funds for players.
    If you work out the profit LFC made for FSG over the years you will realise that FGS have bought AC Milan with LFC profit, genius yes! But this comes with an awful weight on LFCs shoulders as they do not have enough funds to purchase fire power for the squad.

    The recruitment at LFC is also laughable as they tend to buy players who over achieve against LFC, Keita, mane, nunez, fabinho.

  4. I see some of the issue is playing Elliott in the tole he plays. With Trent going forward, Salah forward, Elliott forward, there’s so much space behind.

    When Gini or Henderson are there they cover that space. We appear ot be trying to transition to a more creative and attacking midfield, but that means Trent has to stay at home in defence.

    I think tactically were wrong this season. Effort is not there either. What has happened between that community shield game and the season I have no idea

  5. Being a fan does not mean that we should not say the obvious…an apple will always be an apple…an orange will always be an orange.
    That said…we know for a fact that teams now know how to play LFC…unlike a few seasons ago when teams tried and failed to fight fire with fire. They now just have to sit back and wait for the opportunity to counter in numbers simply because everybody knows that we do not have a player who can constantly deliver that final through ball to the player running behind in the mould of De Bruyne and Gundogan. Ocassionally yes…but definitely not day di day out like those two. Thats why City will always scrape through even when almost everybody plays a low block of 2 against them.
    And…another thing….as much as it hurts to admit…we really do need fullbacks who can really defend….not just stand there or have an evening jog whenever an opposing player easily whisk past him…like a certain fullback in tha Napoli game.

  6. Trent Arnold was a disgrace, his attitude sucks. For the 3rd goal he was easily beaten, & he jogged back, then stood still with his hands on his hips. He should be made to apologise to the travelling supporters, who spent their hard earned money, just to watch him not caring ajot.

  7. Have said it for the last 18 months TAA couldn’t defend for toffee and should have been converted to a midfielder a long time ago. Robbo and VVD are running on empty. Need to build our defence around Ibu, if there was a big money offer during the summer for Salah they should’ve snapped it up but to late now. FSG are going to need to spend big probably in Jan to build for 23/24

  8. If trent plays as a traditional right back who’s going to give the service to the forwards ,trent is the nearest I’ve seen in comparison to David Beckham, only much better.the problem is sala is lazy in comparison to Diaz,Arnold boss to the corner flag ,and then idiots are putting blame on him for defence work ffs

  9. What happen to vvd, he is so weak. Not good enough to wear Liverpool shirt. All the back 4 are all flop. Midfielders no where to be found.

  10. Liverpool are not broken, but I do think along with the comments already that the midfield is the issue, if that goes bang as it has done both ends of the pitch suffer, what a player Thiago is, he has it all, along with Elliot, Carvalho, Hendo and Fabinho we have youth and experience, and now Melo has arrived (only 26yrs) let’s see what he can do before we press the panic button, 1 more Class midfielder and we have the team back on an even keel…just one thought, let’s try TAA in the right of a midfield 3, with the new lad or Gomez at RB!!

  11. Opinion of a female, if these players are playing so badly I think Klopp is the one to decide their future not all the critics and wannabe managers on this page. I’ve supported the reds for over 50 years and every team has bad times, Liverpool are having one now but you can’t put blame on the shoulders of one lad. There are 11 players on that pitch and as Shankly said: “If you can’t support us when we lose or draw. Don’t support us when we win”

  12. Maybe Klopp needs to try play Trent as an attacking midfielder& play the new boy Ramsey at theright back position. Milner & Henderson should be squard players not starters

  13. Trent has always had a problem of performing his duties as right back. He is an embarrassment and needs dumping.

  14. Football is a team game, if they play together as a unit, the result will be fantastic. But if they play a part from each other, that’s the result for u.
    Stop the blame game. Win together & lose together!

  15. What do you mean young and ambitious like Nuñez?! The guy has done nothing meaningful ever since joining Liverpool 🤦

  16. Trent’s main strength is going forward and creating chances. That is not happening because Elliot and Gomez are not covetring him. Millner used to do that well, but now has lost his legs too. Even Henderson isn’t the answer as Hendo is just an average player trying to fit himself anywhere in the team, but he is really not performing well at all. Elliot is too young and does help with defending and closing down opponents. There is too many gaps to plug when all these players come together. Klopp has to tighten the defence first. Gomez is an useless centre back. Isn’t it clear by now to Klopp? How many more matches is Klopp going to throw away with this clueless player?.
    Perhaps it is better to play him right back and move Trent to midfield. Drop Elliot, Milner and Henderson. Use Phillips as centre back or Matip when fit. On the left bring in Tsimikas as left midfield to protect left side together with Robertson. For time being, this will help make the team compact and stronger until all the walking wounded returns. In January at least three dynamic, skillful and experienced players have to be brought in for those mercenaries who are out of contract. They are not going to help the team achieve anything. They will remain in tjd squad and collect their weekly wages until they are gone. This is the price FSG and Henry has to pay fir being negligent.

  17. Apart from a good long-range cross, TAA brings nothing to the table. But he does “see things”!!! ha ha ha ha

  18. If he went to Chelsea or Spurs he wouldn’t be played as Right back. As they play 3-4-2-1 formation he would be played in the 4 as Wide Midfield as attacking winger he is world class attacking wise. Why not do the same benefit the player with attacking qualities rather moan about his defensive work he isn’t right back now

  19. Trent my man, Klopp should move him forward so that we can utilize his skills at the midfield and engage Ramsey at the right back.

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