Exclusive: Fabrizio Romano makes Liverpool transfer claim as poor start continues

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Fabrizio Romano does not expect Liverpool to change their transfer plans despite the club’s poor start to the season.

The Reds dropped points yet again with a surprise 3-3 draw at home to Brighton on Saturday, with Jurgen Klopp’s side sitting 9th in the Premier League table with just two wins out of seven league matches so far this term.

Many Liverpool fans will surely be concerned by this huge drop-off in form since last season, when Klopp’s side looked close to unstoppable, competing for a quadruple, which they were ultimately pretty unlucky to miss out on.

Now, however, this LFC side looks a long way off competing for the title or other major honours, especially when taken alongside the fact that Erling Haaland is on fire for Manchester City, giving a new dimension to a team that were already reigning champions and one of the very best in the world.

Luis Diaz in action for Liverpool against Brighton

Still, Romano also feels it may be a bit early to write Liverpool off, while insisting that they surely won’t panic and will stick to their plan of signing a top midfielder in 2023.

“They’re very happy with recent signings like Luis Diaz and Ibrahima Konate, and their plan keeps going for the present and future … I’m told the priority will be a top midfielder, then at the end of the season we will see how they will decide to proceed,” Romano said.

“Don’t write Liverpool off yet – I think this team is still very good and able to get into the top four.”

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  1. And this is exactly why the delusion and the rapid downward slope continues at Liverpool..
    To continue to insist that somehow all is not dead at Liverpool when the evidence is there for the last year to see the deterioration of the team, aging, loss of form, minimal investments, no options, no plan B, no fresh legs to challenge starters, same game plan well known and countered by now by any half decent team in the league is mind boggling!
    Add to that the incessant noises about this coming transfer and the other this super star who will sign and all that rubbish makes us laughing stock right now. Let’s be clear, Liverpool has zero chance of transferring Bellingham, not now, not ever. Even if we did we would never pay 100 mil! Ever. And to make it worse, even if we were to pull it off it makes zero difference as by now the rot has set whithin the team. By now we need 3-4 major upgrade to the starting line up not one! This summer was the last time when we had the chance to keep up with the juggernaut that is City and we failed miserably. It was the last chance to sell, whatever price we could get, several players who could either fetch some good value still or save us their salaries as their contributions have been zero for the last two years.

    1. What sense does it make to keep players like Keita, Ox, Gomez who have not stayed healthy for years now??? Allow them to be on medical leave while paid good salaries another year and leave for free next summer??? This is the fabled Liverpool transfer gurus?? We extended Gomez who is a calamity waiting to happen even when healthy..
    2. Completely predictable that Salah will be a shadow of his last 5 years yet NOW we decide to pay him a fortune and not sell him for possibly 60-70 mil when we still could and find the next younger version of him???
    3. Milner at 37 is still in the team, not just the squad ? At this level????
    4. Neco Williams sold and basically zero competition for TAA who is going from bad to worse? We bring in a 18 yo, already badly injured??? This is our succession plan? For a present and huge problem?
    5. NO midfielder brought in when the total age of our starting trio is by now about 100 ?? We haven’t even replaced Wijnuldum!!!

    This is absolutely malpractice and there are zero excuses! Time to stop the coddling of our cheap ass owners and sadly, of Klopp too as he has been an enabler with his eternal positive sunny comments that all is well, just some injuries bad luck… City played yesterday without 4-5 key starters and devastated United.. and we keep harping about injuries and intl games?

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