“They hate it!” – Agent says all players are frustrated following recent Spurs controversy

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Video Assistant Referee (VAR) is an awful addition to football.

That is the view of super-agent Rob Segal, who believes the concept of VAR is harming the ‘beautiful game’ and, in its current form, is as a ‘poor advert’ for the sport.

Ever since its introduction back in March 2018, VAR has never been too far away from sporting headlines. Often criticised for its application, the footballing regulatory bodies have continually tried to adapt the game’s rules to accommodate its use.

Seemingly adamant that VAR’s inclusion in the sport is vital to its growth, leagues all across the world appear to be a long way from making the decision to scrap it.

However, the pressure to reverse the use of VAR has arguably never been higher and the latest high-profile person to highlight its issues has been Segal.

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Discussing Spurs’ mid-week Champions League game against Sporting Lisbon, which saw a four-minute delay result in Harry Kane’s last grasp winner being ruled out for the most marginal of offsides, Segal has not held back in his assessment.

“I genuinely believe that the point of VAR is to disallow rather than to allow,” Segal said in an exclusive interview.

“It’s like the ruling out of goals is its default position and I think that needs to be reversed.

“It really is ruining the game. We’re nearly always talking about a slither that is almost immeasurable, it’s just ridiculous. The excitement is gone, especially when it takes four or five minutes to come to a decision as we saw between Spurs and Sporting Lisbon in mid-week.”

Going on to admit that VAR is not necessarily biased towards certain teams, Segal took aim at manager Antonio Conte, who was understandably furious following his side’s cancelled winning goal. Segal also revealed how all players, not just those of Spurs, ‘hate’ VAR.

“I know Antonio Conte came out and almost echoed what I am saying now, but they can’t really complain, can they?” Segal added.

“They got to the final of the 2019 Champions League because Manchester City were on the wrong end of VAR in the Quarters. This time its Spurs, so it is swings and roundabouts, but it really is a poor advert for the game overall, especially when you have a manager coming out and behaving so petulantly. It’s highly emotional and we know that, but when it comes to VAR, it’s just not good for the game. Football is all about talking points and there’s barely anything to talk about other than ‘was VAR right?’ and ‘was VAR wrong?’ – the once ‘beautiful game’ has turned ugly.

“But let me just say this – speaking as an insider and somebody who works with the players day-in-day-out, they hate it!

“The feeling of the ball hitting the back of the net for the players cannot be replicated and that emotion is slowly being taken away from them, so their frustrations, in a way, are even greater than the fans’.”

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