Marcus Edwards’ back to Spurs is a no brainer – opinion

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Marcus Edwards’ story desperately needs context, I say this because the feedback received when he was on loan at Norwich City was appalling.

The interview the boy gave after Sporting Lisbon’s recent win against Tottenham in the Champions League was only missing a delicate sprinkling of over the moon’s and perhaps, an unwell parrot, but we have to understand that this lad is still doing his growing up in public. Had I been sent on loan to Norwich when I was a teenager, being late might well have been the least of the Canaries’ concerns.

Enfield-born, Edwards obviously still values his London connections, and one might speculate that his choice to go abroad was designed to enforce some proper focus upon himself.

Now 23, the rumours, be they desperately lazy or otherwise, point to Tottenham being interested in yes, another one of their ‘getting the band back together transfer moves.

The question is, does Tottenham need the lad?

Before disappearing into the rabbit hole of debate about the difference between the Primeira Liga and the Premier League, the more pressing issue is surely the potential conflict with Dejan Kulusevski is likely to be raised by those pedantic fans who don’t accept that fatigue, injuries, and tactical depth are all as important as each other in the 21st century.

Marcus has scored 7 times so far this season, and provided 4 assists, there are also 23 shot assists (an exceptional rate). Add this to the Edwards’ ‘touches in the penalty area being roughly double that of Lucas Moura and the jury won’t be out long.

Spurs supposedly have a deal in the drawer, a buy-back clause. Me? activate it immediately.



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