All the angles of debated Japan goal as World Cup controversy sees Germany knocked out

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Germany are out of the World Cup following a dramatic night of football which saw Japan and Spain emerge from Group E, but it did not play out without controversy and the conspiracy theories are out in their droves following the matches. 

With Germany beating Costa Rica 4-2, the four-time winners needed Spain to prevent Japan from winning in order to keep their World Cup dreams alive, but the Spanish failed to do so.

Japan scored two goals in the space of three minutes early in the second half and the second of those by Ao Tanaka is proving to be a controversial one as it looked like the ball could have been out of play.

The only angle that cannot be found at present is the one over the ball, but with all those available, it is hard to tell if it was out or not – the officials deemed it ok.

In addition to this controversy, the conspiracy theorists are also suggesting that Spain intended to lose the match as it would put them in second and place them on the favourable side of the draw away from Argentina and Brazil.

This is derived from the Spaniards’ approach to going 2-1 behind but it seems a little far-fetched.

The available angles of the controversial goal can be seen below, do you think it was out? Comment below.

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  1. No fussing, nescissary, it is the same rule that fine a ball is a goal, it must bast the line 100%. A Liverpool vs Manchester City, goal,crossed the Manchester goal line 88%, and was disallowed. Meaning, the ball was in the goal, the bottom of the ball passed the line, but the cheeks of the ball, was still hanging over part of the line (12%). We wanted technology, now we got it, even though our own eyes can’t believe it. So funny.

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