Video Evidence: “Daniel Levy get out of our club”

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Rumours are swirling around of Harry Kane ripping into his teammates yesterday afternoon. One heated source reported to me that Conte has threatened to quit. Tony and Levy are set to have a fascinating conversation the next time they speak to each other.

Especially given this line from the gaffer after the loss to Villa:

 “I don’t want to talk about fans expectations, I know the vision of the club, the club knows very clear about my thoughts”.

Tony has created a very clear divide between himself and the club, as entities. This isn’t necessarily grounds for another End Of Times at Tottenham, but it certainly feels as if everyone’s reached the sort of impasse that will end in tears.

Conte has safeguarded his reputation, to a degree, but Spurs will point to the fact that the Italian wasn’t brought to the club either kicking and screaming or under false pretenses.

We play Crystal Palace away next, on Wednesday evening. Then it’s Portsmouth in the cup, followed by runaway league leaders Arsenal, at home. Should be fun!


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  1. BBC (Boo boys Club) – you get what you deserve, always someone else not performing. This player or manager or Levy useless Never the worst fans by a mile. Any existing or future manager will know booing Tottenham Hotspur supporters are a drag on the team compared to thier counter parts. Hey ho – WE always top the booing League

    1. U r a fool levy n enic have brung this on but while bums in seats n bank accounts going up n up they don’t care just sack the nxt one n move on but poor players we r not a selling club any more so don’t need gil Pepe sar etc any more we need ready to start players we got luck in Jan last years but it won’t happen this year conte away in summer kane n son lloris Sanchez royal sess gil moura tang all must go kane n son hink there world beaters but are to lazy to run or close down defenders n teams have all the time in the world to do what they want but until levy n enic go nothing I mean nothing will change the roundabout keeps going no place

    2. You are an idiot, if you think Levy has brought success to the club, he is a complete failure, Conte blames everyone but himself and his negative system of playing

    3. The crowd are rightly booing the RIGHT MAN this time… Everything that is wrong with this club sits right at his front door… Tottenham Hotspurs is a cash cow to ENIC, nothing more… Considering the financial clout6 this club has its a embarrassing listening to fans defending these cretins… 22 years of abject failure

  2. I think the team is not playing for Conte get rid of him as soon as possible! Also levythe man is useless he’s only there for the money 20 years and nothing if he was in a big firm he would be sack long ago

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