FSG need to sell Liverpool as soon as possible – they are wasting Jurgen Klopp

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I’d still suggest for what he’s achieved in the past five years, Jurgen Klopp is the best manager in the world, pound for pound.

Pound being the crucial word, because he doesn’t spend many.

Before the horrendous loss to Brighton, the German made a a very thinly veiled dig at his owners for not providing him with enough transfer fees for new players.

“I’ve had 6,000 press conferences at Liverpool. Come on, do I have to tell you the money story again? What could be the reason [for no more signings]? Is it that we have money like crazy but we don’t buy the players even when they are available?” he told the Echo pre-game.

“That’s what you think of me, after all the years? Why do you ask the question when the answer lies on the table. You know the answer!”

He was angry, and the lacklustre performance that followed definitely proved his point. Most of Liverpool’s supposedly world-class performers are past their sell-by date. Brighton were better in every single aspect and the 3-0 scoreline flattered them.

Chelsea have racked up a net-spend almost equivalent of FSG’s entire ownership in six months. Their strategy is haphazard and dangerous, but it shows the playing-field is simply different now. We can’t rely on selling Nat Phillips and Sepp van den Berg next summer to fund a midfielder arriving, it doesn’t work like that.

I’m grateful for what FSG have achieved, especially appointing Klopp and tying him to the club for the long-term, but he needs money and they can’t provide him it. The Liverpool side needs rebuilding. A new centre-back and three new midfielders at the very least.

Who could take over? Well, that’s another debate entirely.