“He could walk”- Football pundit gives bleak take on Jurgen Klopp’s future at Liverpool

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Liverpool were hammered 3-0 once again on Saturday and this time it was at the hands of Wolves. After the clash, pundit Jan Aage Fjortoft stated that he believes Jurgen Klopp could walk away at the end of the season. 

The Reds are currently experiencing an abysmal season under Klopp’s watch as the Premier League giants are sat in tenth position in the table, are out of both domestic cups, and have Real Madrid in the next round of the Champions League.

This comes after a season where Liverpool went very close to winning every trophy possible but things have gone badly wrong this season, both on and off the pitch, and Fjortoft thinks the German boss could walk.

Although Liverpool are playing some of the worst football the club has seen right now, what Fjortoft says is correct, Klopp will never be sacked as he has been magnificent for the Merseyside club since taking over.

There are a lot of things going wrong at Anfield and with their rivals spending huge amounts of money, Klopp could think that the Liverpool job is becoming too difficult and could walk at the end of the season.

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  1. Would hate to see him go but would understand owners have let him down and hung him out to dry. Yes he shoulders responsibility as manager but FSG are a group of greedy money men who care nothing really of the club.

      1. Do you really think Steve G is up to the mark and is right for Liverpool at this time, maybe a few more years down the line then I would agree but now I don’t think so no disrespect to Steve G.

      2. Stevie G. ‘ record ain’t that great – got sacked from Aston Villa remember! Needs a truly professional manager not a has been great player

      3. Stevie G is not ready to coach.He almost had aston villa relegated.Great players don’t make great coaches look at lampard.Zidane I believe just looked good because it was madrid.

    1. Honestly??
      Have you not seen what has happened under FSG??
      The ground, the success, the belief.
      We almost did the impossible last season and because we’re having a stinker so far, we just turn on the guys that literally saved the club from financial ruin created by Gillett and Hicks.

  2. Klopp should stop blaming the players, the buck ends with Klopp, can he fix the problem? in the interest of LFC Klopp should leave or it will be to late

    1. The problem is that it does not. Fsg are prepared to sell for maximum prophit. That uncertainty a d the exodus of key backroom staff members is why has happened. The midfield hasn’t got the legs to do the job and klopp’s continually papering over cracks because he hasn’t the funds to do otherwise. Injuries have plagued us again. Trying to hold onto klopp to oversee the transitioning of the club on and off the field is what’s needed

    2. Shows your not a true red klopp been a saviour’s till now fag let us down not klopp .
      Shows how ignorant you really are

    3. How does fix the problem of having no decent midfielders, having 3 attacking players out and only two defenders that can defend out?

      What’s left is what he’s been provided by the owners (replacement right back is injured all season, current one can’t defend), Milner older than time itself, Thiago catching up and injury prone, Fabinho ageing badly, Henderson ageing and now injury prone too, Jones not good enough, Elliott and Carvalho not ready to be playing every week etc etc

      Furthermore, Klopp hasn’t blamed players, he’s simply said what’s happening isn’t good enough in terms of way they’re playing, and that’s exactly what we as fans are seeing, critics are seeing, even the blind community can see it.

      You can’t turn poop into diamonds

      1. This is a phase off that no one thought off. 6 years top of the world cannot run forever. Now its too late, bad players brought, the proper ones not performing, injuries and no cover. Dont expect miracles, its not the same liverpool team, do not pretend best. Hopefully we buy in summer and maybe we try pushing for europa league, win it and go for champions league again. Thats the ladder but we need good signing in summer

      2. Love this comment, LFC born and bred, this is not a Klopp issue it’s a full team, management, owners and Klopp issue. YNWA

  3. Klopp has outlived his usefulness at Liverpool. Just like at Dortmund, he has a sale by date. It has been a good many seasons but it’s now time for a fresh start. And Liverpool should fire him now and get Tushel who has EPL experience before he is taken.

    1. Short memories if you think Klopp should go. Remember the side he took over in 2015 and how he transformed us into a mighty side. Injuries lack of funds for buying and what you all forget, we have had a really long two years of non stop games. The team are a little tired and all feeling down. Jurgen can and will transform us back to the MIGHTY Liverpool. If you are a real supporter then the last thing we need is to lose Jurgen.

  4. It’s all gone wrong since Mane left. The injuries to top players don’t help. The defence is terrible and the forward play isn’t what we are use to..One touch football has gone. KLOPP isn’t to blame he should stay..I think they will beat Real Madrid and get back on form…

    1. Bloody hell, people like you are too quick to forget what he’s done for our club, yes, this season is going down the drain but, we’ll always bounce back.
      Give this man all the support and encouragement to do the job that we want him to do.
      As for the players, you can see that their heads are down and there’s no fight left in them. At the end of the day, whoever is in charge, they are payed copious amounts of money to play the game, it’s time they started to acknowledge that and start fighting for the wins.

      1. As had been said , Klopp has been the saviour of the club , the so called fans who are wanting him out are as fickle as the Evertonians look at that club Seven managers to Liverpool’s one and not a trophy in sight. Injury and low moral do nothing to rectify the situation , the owners are far from innocent in this case they should have opened their fat wallets and given Klopp more of a chance to stop the rot .

  5. Hmmm…… can Liverpool be humbled enough to apologize to Mane? I hope they now see that they really treated him poorly. Mane was d engine house driving d offensive forward. Klop didn’t try with d Mane departure.

  6. Can’t blame Klopp it’s the owners not giving the money and buying players we need they have sold players and not replaced them watched LFC for over 40years and hopefully will do for another 40 love this team in Klopp we trust best manager since Shanks YNWA ❤️

  7. let him finish for this season first….but the main thing is owner FSG must leave….this is a big club..if scared to spending player lets the THE REDS FANS (THE KOPS) show u the exit door….

  8. I think that klopp is a good manger but if he goes I’ll be sad so will a lot of fans but he might have to go at end of season

  9. Sorry Klopp, players and liverpool funs, it really hurts to see liverpool playing like this. Klopp is still good and willing to take the club far but you the CEOs are the really problem for club. The players are really tied and need serious replacements. Why cant you see that???

  10. Klopp should not have signed Cidy Gakpo. Yes he has injured players but his primary need was was to sign another midfielder to work with the two up and coming boys, Elliot and Cavallo.

  11. If you listen to the owner of Dordmund he said the biggest mistake they made was letting klopp leave,it was a case of replacing majority of the team as they were done similar to Liverpool now or klopp leaving klopp left and they haven’t got anywhere near the team they had become,be careful what you wish for

  12. Klopp can’t and won’t be sacked. He might decide to leave soonest or end of season. Things aren’t going right now and the owners are a bunch of stingy folks. Gakpo was signed because of injured attackers and the length of time out wasn’t really confirmed. He’s a good player and will perform with time. How many good midfielders are available for the amount they purchased Gakpo? If you know one maybe u suggest to the board. No good and young midfielder would cost less than 60M as of now. Due to limited funds, klopp and sporting directors had to act wisely and strategically in the transfer market. But now they need funds to replace 6-7 aged or out of contract players. But owners are there for business and careless about the club. Ask yourself why sporting directors just leave suddenly. There are issues behind the scene that only the owners, klopp and some key figures know about and we don’t. Until we have a new owner or klopp leaves there are certain things we won’t know. We can only type and lay blames without handling the root cause.

    1. Unlucky sorry to burst your bubble but just reading there klopp aint leaving he’s the best manager there

  13. Are some peaple actually serious on here klopp will never be sacked just get behind the manager good times and bad let’s be honest is anyone going to do any better I highly doubt it

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble hew not going anyware just reading it now unlucky are you a glory hunter or what

  14. No idea who has been responsible for the transfers, but it seems the players bought in cannot stand the PL. The injury list over the last 5 seasons is ridiculous as have been some of the buys.

  15. Should Klopp go, if so who would you bring in to fix the problem using the same players having the same problems the same injuries. We are not like other clubs, yes we are having a shit of a time just think back a few months when this same manager, same team all most won all the trophies you could win in one season please tell me who would you bring in. But let me also ask you has FSG put there hands in there pocket and given us the money to buy, not just this season but seasons before, remember the last time we brought big was when we sold the best midfielder in the world for a record fee we used that money not FSG money to buy the players we need then. So really all this time FSG have had control they have never given us the money needed to build a better team. So will this all change by putting in a new manager, just think this time last season the manager we have now you loved and wouldn’t never, and I mean never would have given it a second thought about getting rid. So wake up and smell the coffee like I said we do have big problems really big problems but they all don’t stop at one man, it’s stop at everyone who is involved with Liverpool football club,

  16. Should never have let Marne leave, he wasn’t the best, but an inspiration to push the other players when needed.Mo Salah needs a partner, too much expected from him and it is easy to mark him out by opposing defenders. I am a Spurs fan but I have a lot of respect for Liverpool. A great history and still a force in the Premiership.

  17. Sad, sorry comments by so-called supporters. Jurgen Klopp is not a magician but he is the finest of managers who is more than capable of leading LFC to further glory. We need to exit FSG and introduce some ‘fat cats’ with the wealth and desire to back Jurgen. Let him fill Anfield with success once again!

  18. As had been said , Klopp has been the saviour of the club , the so called fans who are wanting him out are as fickle as the Evertonians look at that club Seven managers to Liverpool’s one and not a trophy in sight. Injury and low moral do nothing to rectify the situation , the owners are far from innocent in this case they should have opened their fat wallets and given Klopp more of a chance to stop the rot .

  19. Has no one even mentioned what is or isn’t happening at the training complex, Are the coaches not doing there jobs or are there players just not listening and or learning during training, If coaches are not doing there jobs right or if players are saying to themselves I am not giving my all on the training field and if this is the case then send them packing, On the training field coaches and players should be giving there all 100%+ And if this is not the case the supporters are not stupid or fickle they know when something or someone is not giving there all on the field of play during games, Definitely something is not right and needs sorting ASAP, Yes it’s easy to blame the manager, But as I have already said, What is going on during training (ie) Are Coaches not doing there job and (ie) are players not bothered to listen and learn to there coaches during training ??

  20. Steven Gerrard is nowhere ready you talk out your arses. Klopp should stay and get the respect he deserves. Players need to dig deep and play like they can not just for their own pride but for the fans and Klopp who have supported them through the shit times.

  21. Are you lot who say Stevie G for the new manage really thinking straight, at this present moment Stevie G is like Frank Lampard he just ISN’T experienced enough yet to become the manager of Liverpool, that me as an Arsenal supporter, he managed Rangers and won the league but that’s like putting him in charge of Liverpool in league 1 he’d piss it. Then went to Aston Villa and did absolutely nothing, he got the sack, stick with Klopp and IF he walks then look for an experienced manager

  22. Be thankful for who you have,there are not many coaches or coaching teams better than Klopp +. Players need to look at themselves and start being a team again, show their tenacity, effort and skills. At least show the fans your commitment.

  23. It doesn’t matter who goes in there Liverpool have learned nothing, you can buy all the super stars u want they DONT make a team. This would never have happened under shanks. Shankley would have brought them young lads through the reserves and only when they bled Liverpool would they be allowed to pull that proud red shirt on. I’m not a Liverpool fan, I’m a football fan

  24. Stevie G won one trophy out of twelve in Scotland…then failed miserably at villa……not worthy of the LFC job at this moment in time great players seldom make great managers imo cheers

  25. Why give klopp funds?
    Hasn’t added anything worthwhile with budget given for past two seasons. Brighton, Brentford, and Fulham all sit above Pool having spent a fraction of the funds.

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