Mason Greenwood considering moving countries to pursue football career

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Mason Greenwood is considering moving to China to pursue his football career.

The Crown Prosecution Service recently confirmed that the charges against Greenwood for attempted rape, controlling and coercive behaviour and one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm had been dropped.

Manchester United are now conducting their own investigation as to whether to keep Greenwood at the club.

According to Metro, Greenwood is considering moving to China to play his football if he was to be sacked by Manchester United.

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          1. He was not found innocent, the charges where dropped , all that means is they where not sure they would get a conviction, maybe the alledged victim is refusing to give evidence, big difference!

          2. Cause charges were dropped how is someone innocent you fool , there was clear audio evidence to the world what he did but the money he has got him out of his situation which mad the family not want to follow through with anymore of there statements

          3. Exactly and if money is followed they will probably found that girl dropped charges because she got a lot of money and a NDA

        1. Not innocent you pleb charges dropped never mean innocent listen to that fake again and get him dating your daughter

          1. Y’all white folks disgust me with the way you reason even more.

            Why hating on the boy this much? Even your comments show you hate him already.

            If your shit were to come out to the open I’m sure it would be worse than what Greenwood was accused of.

          2. You do know they are back together and she is pregnant. They’re moving on with thier life like normal people would just leave them alone to work out thier lifes

          1. Doesn’t make him guilty either .
            We have a rule here where you’re innocent unless proven guilty . It’s been that way since the magna carta and it’s exactly as it should be . In the eyes of the law mason greenwood is innocent because he wasn’t found guilty . What can’t people understand about that ?

        2. If a 40 year old man messaged your underage daughter with dick pics and told her he wanted to do sexual things to them or if someone forced your aged gangster to have sex with them and the police didn’t charge them would you be willing to tell that person that they were innocent?

        3. Hes not innocent you moron, Charges were dropped due to certain circumstances of evidence. It’s literally in a recording how abusive he was

          1. Your right he is a a danger to young ladies if he can treat a young lady he has known since he was a child like this just think what he would be like with someone he didn’t know shocking, that poor girl makes me so mad! They should be prosecuting with or without the victim. To ensure he never does this again!

          1. Mick why can’t others see witnesses were got at they should be charged with wasting police time and money

        4. Definitely not innocent!!!!!! Did you hear the recordings of his sexual assault? Should never be allowed near a football pitch again

          1. Her family were on the gravy train never wanted to press charges they all lived together in a ( bedroom house he bought . He broke vail and now he’s back with her so they have dropped charges claiming it was all role play stuff even though it was not Mason was known at the club for being immature and difficult to manage . In Ronaldo’s early days he was thd one Ronaldo said he did not listen to anyone . The lad was genuinely the potential to be one of the worlds best and the best finisher at the club since Rudd according to ole

      1. He hasn’t been charged with any crime, he’s innocent and he’s free. What is disgusting about that?

      2. If all charges are dropped then he is not guilty of what he was accused of. Take your cancel culture somewhere else you bell end

      3. Is you are disgusting person. Just know is judge people.
        Did U think U are super clean or good person

  1. While Phil Foden learn’t his lessons, tied his boots and has been playing football, Mason Greenwood remained off focus, distracted and got tied down, as it were, by Man’s biggest weakness. It probably isn’t too late for him now and we all, we’ll wishers, hope he would have learnt his lessons now. Focus on your football Mason. Be humble, too.

    1. get a life will ya,if he was Guilty well then he wud be in Prison now,this was a set up way back,even a blind might cud see that

      1. He’s still with the same lady. So can never be a set up. He’s even buying expensive stuff for her all in the name of making her drop the charges .he should restart his career in all humility coz he’s still too young n age is on his side .

      2. Rubbish, too many rapists got off due to lack of evidence, the intentions in the audio recording is enough for me to not want anyone with that attitude near a football again. Loved the guy now can’t stand him. You obv must agree the the audio recording then

      3. Jimmy Saville never went to prison Nd was never convicted in court. No charges were ever brought against him either. Care to defend him too?

  2. So Greenwood is too Persecuted,as in, he is Guilty untill Proved innocent,Absolutely A Disgrace too His human Rights!

    1. What he did to that girls human rights is an absolute disgrace pal & those are facts, he is guilty of doing it, the charges where just dropped

  3. Let’s not forget that this is about a very young person just learning about life and haven’t we all made mistakes at that age.
    Certainly after over a year he will have learnt massive lessons and should now be allowed to make a fresh start in his career without persecution.
    I wish him all the best for his future and sincerely Hope he is successful.

    1. So rape and coercive control are mistakes now? Try telling that to the rape victims and those that have been coerced…

      1. Excuse me!!! But I’ve been a victim of rape… she didn’t seem that distressed if I’m and still had time to record it….

    2. No.
      We haven’t ALL made THOSE types of ‘mistakes’ and NEVER will.
      I have 3 sisters!
      Shamefully ridiculous bullshit.

    3. I never beat up and sexually assaulted a girl when I was that age, and quite frankly, you dismissing what he did by saying “we all make mistakes” makes me very worried for the women in your life

  4. He hasn’t learnt anything. His bail condition was not to contact or meet his ex girlfriend, he broke those conditions on a couple of occasions…he clearly doesn’t learn, even after a couple of nights in the slammer

    1. Broke his bail conditions for months not a couple times, but what your failing to realise is she broke them 2 if she was given restrictions what you don’t see is that when that recording was released they weren’t together. And because it’s a recording whose to say it was actually him you forget that technology we have these days anyone can copy anybodies voice and pictures and videos can be fabricated. And the facts are she never reported it couldn’t believe it was out there in the media her cloud was hacked and it was the police who arrested him of there own back because of the recording and leaked videos they never stopped talking they carried on seeing each other which was breaking his bail. So what does that tell you. And new evidence and the police charges were dropped because no one wanted to come forward including her. He’s no gangsta about paying them off and someone above said the new evidence that’s come to light is that she’s pregnant with his baby how true that is I don’t know.
      But it’s not for us to know we aren’t obligated to know the truth or anything about them it’s not trial by social media or for us to even comment on there lives. The court of law and cps have no further action against him so why should we think he’s guilty. We know nothing about them other than what the media has spouted which hasn’t been very much. So who are we to judge otherwise

  5. I think he should be given a chance, he was a young man and who of us has not made mistakes when young

    1. Rape is not a mistake. A mistake is a 4 year old multiplying 5 by 6 without a calculator and getting 34. Rape is a CRIME.

  6. Did people see the pictures of the girls injuries, any person young or otherwise deserves a sentence. We have enough sex pests, and women beaters walking the streets who receive a slap on the wrist. Why should he be aloud to be a footballer still playing, loving what he likes to do without reprocusion. His next girlfriend might not be so lucky and wind up dead, as he obviously has anger issues.

  7. We all heard the recording, all that has changed is the lady in question is now either to scared or to well paid off to press charges.
    This doesn’t not change what we all heard on that recording. Not a person you want associated with your club, country or sport.
    Lots of talented people have wasted their careers, this is another one! Good riddance

    1. Regarding “domestic abuse” once a man is charged a woman cannot not press charges anymore! If the crown prosecution believes there is enough evidence they continue with prosecution regardless whether the woman wants to continue with the charges or not.
      If your going to speak on things at least educate yourself on the matter.

  8. It’s ok for the do Gooders to say Yh he’s young etc etc but think of his victim we all heard the videos and make your own mind up but the chargers have dropped because again failed to listen to the court and broke his bail conditions, so he either badgered her to back down or he paid her off, that doesn’t make him innocent in my eyes, so going n play in china is probably the best thing for him, can you imagine the crowd chants he’d face in England

  9. Manchester united should consider to let mason in as the club is under perfect transition that should be dominated with much young player competition for them to continue with their strong and unstoppable run that might last for a decade

  10. I love it how everyone says he made a mistake, like he didn’t mean to do it.

    What he was accused of is a very serious crime, just because the case was dropped doesn’t mean he didn’t do it.

    As for innocent until proven guilty, maybe that should apply to everyone no matter their position.

  11. Leaving united is not the best option,I believe his presence in the club brings more quality in the club

  12. Innocent Greenwood should stay and fight for his place he has top quality skillset and a excellent eye for goal it will be a shame if this defeats him as a human .
    There has been more worse things this season like world domination LFC crumbling since Mane left .
    Mason is innocent and should pursue his career with united
    We are united bound by blood

  13. If it was an ordinary person they would be behind bars now, charges are dropped because status. Hes guilty end of

  14. Anybody aware that they have been seen back together taking romantic pics and possibly getting back together – maybe that’s why charges were dropped. If that’s the case then this woman has ruined this mans career with her allegations. Isn’t THAT also a conversation to be had?

  15. Don’t get the ‘mistake’ BS tbh. It’s a mockery. He either did it or he didn’t. If he did then he should be in the nick undoubtedly for a long, long time. If he genuinely didn’t he should have the right to a peaceful existence.

    The problem is we won’t know until more details come to light, everything else is speculation at this point. Talking of mistakes tho, getting back with her is clearly a mistake on both parts – who gets back with a rapist? And who gets back with a false accuser who has messed your life up? Ridiculous either way you see it.

  16. Let’s all stop pretending what’s really going on here. He’s guilty, we all heard that. He’s thrown a few quid around and paid people off. He’s still a R***** and everyone knows it

  17. When they drop charges it isn’t bcos of guilt or not, the complaint was withdrawn. Lucky boy, but is there a way back bcos a lot of people might not like to see it

  18. This is so wrong , not guilty is not guilty , and to say that he paid someone of us a joke , the cps take the case to court wether the victim withdraws the statement , you cannot pay your way out of that it’s is an absolute joke the way all these people say he’s guilty I heard the tapes , what you heard and what is factual are two different things . Let the lad get on with his profession, Noel Clarke was accused of things nothing proven yet his career is dead it’s a joke this country and social media warriors .

  19. Mason greenwood is innocent because he wasn’t found guilty . That’s how it works in this country and that’s exactly as it should be . This was decided in 1215ad in the Magna Carta . It hasn’t changed as its right and correct . Or else any simple allegation without proof would render someone guilty which is ridiculous. He’s innocent so let it drop

  20. A key witness dropped out of the prosecution’s court case, quite common in rape cases as it’s very harrowing giving evidence this way, he’s absolutely guilty there is camera footage that proves it which is inadmissible in court but he can’t be convicted without witness evidence hence they’ve dropped it.

  21. I think all this people saying that hes not innocent they don’t have kids or friends tht av ever been at the same situation en come out clean when others think he was dirty …Greenwood is innocent whether you like it or not …we love him en we wish for stay at MANU💥💥

  22. Well even if he has not been found guilty he’s career will be affected in terms of deals etc. Even if just accused people will keep away from him. Although some players have convicted and served time and still get jobs!

  23. Chad evens was an up and coming footballer look what happened to him if he’s guilty throw the book at him but who knows

  24. Charges were only dropped because him and the girl are back together, so she’s not going to persue anything now! That’s why they were dropped.

  25. I can’t believe same of the ignorant comments. He’s not guilty of anything. Never proved guilty in court.

  26. Guilty or not, we all heard the recording, you can guess what happened and we all know the type of person he now is.
    Pack him off to china!

  27. Guilty or otherwise considering the furor that’s going to follow him it’s best that he goes abroad for his own safety..

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