Gary Neville predicts Newcastle to drop out of top four finish

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According to Gary Neville, Eddie Howe’s team will lose to Tottenham in the fight to finish in the top four of the Premier League because they won’t be able to maintain their form.

‘Newcastle are at full pelt – they are at 100mph, they can’t run any faster than they are doing,’ Neville said.

‘Newcastle won’t be able to hang on as the season goes on and won’t finish in the top four.

‘I hope they do; I think it will be unbelievable if they didn’t. Newcastle will fall away and to be fair, with the cup final coming up as well, they won’t hang on to the top four.

‘Tottenham will finish in the top four, over Newcastle. Tottenham have got so much in front of them, that it could be a good season.

‘Sunday was a big moment against Manchester City – Harry Kane breaking the record, winning that game against City, [Dejan] Kulusevski, [Heung-min] Son looked like he got his spark and speed back, he looked completely drained before, and you’ve got Richarlison back.

‘Spurs have got more quality and experience and will finish in the top four.’ – finished Neville.