Erik ten Hag has reached out to Mason Greenwood for the first time and is “pleased” about dropped charges

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Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has reached out to Mason Greenwood to check in on the 21-year-old after attempted rape and assault charges against him were dropped last week. 

According to the Daily Mail, the charges against Greenwood were dropped when 12 witnesses refused to co-operate in the investigation, and it has emerged that the complainant had wanted to retract her accusations since last April.

Greenwood was first arrested back in January 2022 after videos and images were posted online of the footballer’s horrendous acts towards a young woman and following his arrest, Man United decided to suspend him on full pay.

The 21-year-old has not played for the Manchester club since and following last week’s news, the Red Devils are currently carrying out an internal investigation to determine their next steps regarding the 21-year-old’s controversial return.

Mason Greenwood has not played for Man United in over a year

In the meantime, it has been reported in a story carried by the Mail, that Ten Hag has reached out to Greenwood to check on the player’s physical and mental state, and told the 21-year-old he was “pleased” that the charges had been dropped.

The Dutch coach is also said to have made it clear to the youngster that it will be the club’s choice as to whether he returns to the first-team squad or not, which will come after their investigation has been completed.

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    1. No rapist abuser who can pay off his witnesses should play for Man U let h8m go to a Middle East team that May allow that type of treatment for its females

      1. Ursula Ur a racist piece of shit rape and dv is in no way tolerated in the Middle East they would take u out bk and put u down like a dog in the street for such actions mason should be allowed to return as cps have ended investigations and dropped all charges innocent until PROVEN guilty

    1. The witness has withdrawn, that doesn’t mean the offences didn’t happen, it’s funny how money talks.

      1. So you just skipped reading this line? “and it has emerged that the complainant had wanted to retract her accusations since last April.

      2. Yes but your opinion (right or wrong) is exactly that, an opinion, not a conviction. Who knows what the truth is but the reality is, he hasn’t even been tried let alone convicted, so surely we have to accept it 🤷🏻

      3. 12 witnesses pulled out and the actual complainant retracted 10 months ago, it’s a bit more than just one flaky witness.

        1. Exactly, innocent until proven guilty, he is innocent by law and the justice system of this country. so it’s an absolute disgrace he’s been pulled through this and lost his profession and reputation, maybe just maybe we would have a stronger national team with his talent

      4. No it doesnt and it doesnt mean they happened either. If you’ve made up your mind hes guilty so be it but in the eyes of the law he’s an innocent man.

      1. Hope you ain’t got a son have you ever thought he could be innocent. If thd witnesses havd taken money then maybe she needs to drop her so called friends. Her father also didn’t seem too upset . All that was seen o the video was a clip no begining and no end . May have been role play only they know what happened

        1. Thank you all sorts of scenario’s n doctored don’t want to erm sound wrong .but different ppl like different way of getting sexual.if there was 20% of a case it would be running even without her..

          1. Absolutely wrong. Look at sexual assault convictions (extremely low). CPS only takes on cases when it’s way over 60% chance of a conviction and so they send on bail and provide women’s aid hoping the poor victim has the support to press ahead. Statistically there is a high % the victim goes back which is so sad but it’s all there. 20% and no way would the CPS look at charging!

        2. And I hope you never have a daughter that’s been raped and too frightened or been “persuaded” or controlled into not making a complaint. He’s as guilty as sin. Seen far too many get away with this kind of behavior. Disgusting.

    2. They’ve dropped the charges because 12 witnesses refused to co-operate, probably payed off.Just because the charges have been dropped doesn’t mean he’s innocent. Just another professional footballer getting away with a crime .🤬🤬

      1. Just because the charges dropped doesn’t mean he’s guilty either!!.
        In this country your innocent until proven guilty in a court if law.

      1. You know what I can’t grasp? If all these ‘ witnesses’ actually did witness what Greenwood,s allegedly done, why the f**k didn’t they try and stop it???? Wonder if it’s cos it never happened????
        Give the lad a chance, innocent until proven guilty n all that jazz?
        Oh n charge the so called witnesses for failing to do what they should have done if they’ve any bo****ks between em em f***ing slap him!
        Sorry but I’m old school n that’s what I would have done !!!!

    3. Exactly if the charges are dropped why utd still pushing the issue ,everybody deserves a second chance ,let the boy play or send him Barca

    4. There are no charges because he obviously put pressure on her to drop them. It’s called an abusive relationship

  1. We all seen the images .we all heard the audio ,hope he never plays again. See what kurt zouma got , greenwood’s gonna get hell at every ground and so the beast should

  2. Give him a chance and a new life, I hope he learn the lessons, he’s a very good player and very young , don’t push him away, he needs these .

  3. Well his girlfriend is a doormat. Accepted money or decided to forgive the millionaire. I have a daughter the same age who I’m pleased to say has more self respect than that. The vid is still out there that SHE posted. We know what he did.

    1. Julia, you don’t know what happened unless of course you were there and if that’s the case why have you backed out of giving evidence??

  4. Oh my god give guy a chance can’t be that harsh everyone deserves 2nd chance all charges have dropped for reason he’s innocent

    1. Just because the charges have been dropped does NOT mean that Greenwood is innocent at all. Because Greenwood was charged with multiple serious offences he will remain on the police national computer and local police database listed as a sexual offender, an alleged rapist, woman beater, violent abuser, threatening to kill another person and in fact everything that he was charged with, he will be listed on the PNC with. This will remain on the PNC until he is 100 years old. This will impact his employment and career. He should NEVER be allowed to play football in the UK again. It is totally irrelevant “how good” of a player he is. His conduct has been brought into question previously when he was sent home by Gareth Southgate whilst on England duty. This is about trusting Greenwood and I doubt very much that many of his team players could possibly trust him. The backroom staff don’t trust him, the women’s team don’t trust him. The majority of Manchester United don’t want him anywhere near their club. Many of their fans don’t want him. The abuse the team would get would be overwhelming. United, of course are within their rights legally to terminate Greenwoods contract due to him bringing disrepute to the club. They would not have to pay him anything at all

      1. Hasn’t been proved guilty either, if cops were that sure they would have pressed on with the case despite people changing their minds…….hope you’re never in trouble, innocent until proven guilty is the law. Now let him get on with his life……

      2. Give him a break and how can all that stay on his record when he hasn’t been found guilty in a court of law.
        There’s being accused then there’s proving it.

      3. All you have written here is just a justification of your humanity hw sure are you that he was guilty ,having seen a video did you saw the face of green wood there so i can’t trust here girl fried coz to my kwoladge she framed it .so just let the girl stay away from men may be she is a har***t indeed .

      4. Lets say they were role playing ? Then all that you’ve said becomes irrelevant. Be careful because you dont know the facts.

      5. Just wondering do you work for the club or asked the back room and woman’s team personally do they trust them as you have said in your post that the back room and woman’s team don’t trust him if u don’t work or haven’t asked them you should not be saying that

      6. How wrong you are about all you legal facts and the police national computer, you clearly have no idea of how it all works ….he will not have a criminal record as the charges have been dropped, also the CPS have had lots of time to study this case and if they feel they won’t get a conviction then they won’t bring it to court .What you are saying about Mason paying people of is nothing short of ridiculous, if this was the case he would certainly been charged with this and all of the other charges . He’s a young lad and in the eyes of the law has done nothing wrong so he should be given another chance at being a professional footballer

      7. I love this comment. Restores my hope in society because this was abs No Role play and reading some of the comments makes me feel sick. This monster should never play again but he will however on the balance of probability I will be amazed if UTD or any top British club take a chance on him. His behaviour with the England team was a warning about his attitude but this was sickening. Roll Play?!? Do me a favour……

      8. Oh my, God forbid I’m ever up on a charge and your on the Jury and for your info He can not be listed as a sexual offender , he has never been convicted.

  5. All you have written here is just a justification of your humanity hw sure are you that he was guilty ,having seen a video did you saw the face of green wood there so i can’t trust here girl fried coz to my kwoladge she framed it .so just let the girl stay away from men may be she is a har***t indeed .

  6. All you have written here is just a justification of your humanity hw sure are you that he was guilty ,having seen a video did you saw the face of green wood there so i can’t trust here girl fried coz to my kwoladge she framed it .so just let the girl stay away from men may be she is a har***t indeed .

  7. All charges dropped, yes there was a pictures and all that going around but did any one actually see Greenwood doing any of this and don’t tell me their was a voice recording as they can be made up on computers, maybe every one dropped out not because of money but they got told to drop it as the truth got found and and don’t forget they both got seen together so that would say a lot as they both broke the law by meeting in public, like I have said before stop jumping the boat and saying he’s done it and start sagging the man down till we do actually know the truth, it’s like saying anyone’s name and saying he’s raped someone or some think on them lines and people will look down on that person but then that’s saying you trust the person that said it when they can just be telling a lie, till the truth is really out then I’m not one to judge

  8. It amazes me that so many people believe they know exactly what happened between Greenwood and his girlfriend in private. We have no idea! We do not know if he is innocent or guilty! It is unknown to us!

  9. As a United fan I’m happy to scream rapist,rapist, rapist with the away fans every time he touches the ball. He shouldn’t ever play again that tape was shocking

  10. Ladedadeda any of use got a real-life lol greenwood this and greenwood that moral of story is charges were dropped simple as that nothing else matters you people do realise that even with witnesses dropping out the CPS can still get case in court or you that stuck in your own fantasy’s that you don’t realise that . Clearly theydont becouse clearly that video wasn’t even proof so ask yourself why you don’t know like anyone else doesn’t know . You saying police or courts can’t get it wrong lol cosimewn look at ched Evans went to jail then proof he was innocent once he was out . And as for stick at grounds footballers get stick at grounds regardless so nothing new there .these are just facts seen as people like running there mouth on here

  11. mason greenwood is a beast and me for 1 as a united supporter since i was the age of 5 i dont ever want him to wear the united top again he is a beast

  12. Funny how everyone accusing mason. NEW EVIDENCE came to light as well as charges dropped. Maybe she lied about some of it!

  13. The problem here is fairly straightforward – due to trial by media he was convicted and found guilty even before anything started.
    Regardless of whether innocent or guilty, how could there ever be a fair trial with a balanced outcome.
    Unfortunately, media intrusion into matters such as this at such an early stage means that any jury will have a biased opinion.
    I think in cases such as this, there should be anonymity until judgement has been given, and that would be a way of ensuring that justice should be done in these matters correctly

  14. The complainant had wanted to retract her accusations since last year April. I think the young lad should be given another chance. #WeAreUnited

  15. No it doesn’t mean he’s innocent, but this is the issue. YOU and many others are still testing him like a convicted criminal, which crucially, he’s not! If his career should be over, then how many politicians should lose their jobs because of public opinion. Another Kangaroo court opinion!

    1. It’s called bringing the game into disrepute. We don’t want to end his career, he can play football in countries that share his opinions on women’s rights. Ya no a great place for him go play right now? Russia….

  16. Why does everybody keep dragging up the same old shit, the charges have been dropped he’s innocent let the lad get on with what he does best.

  17. People defending this just confirms more work needed in schools. It was not role play, (so obvious). Clear safeguarding issue because without 12 witnesses they wouldn’t secure a conviction beyond reasonable doubt but I am hopeful employment law and the balance of probability does conclude the right thing. People regardless of who it is No is No

  18. All of the deluded apologists are no better than the piece of scum they are defending. Adolf hitler was was never charged… does this mean he was innocent?

  19. If so, have HIM go speak to the wemons team, and spill his heart out of apologies to them and show remorse for his actions and then see how it goes. Distractions must be kept away, let the ladies reside.

  20. Let see the return of the player
    We miss Greenwood as well
    We done to here about any investigation
    We need him in our next mach if it could be possible for us

  21. The charge is bringing the game into disrepute and fact we all discussing it proves his guilt. If Manchester United take him back it will undermine EVERY equality and human rights group the Premier league and Manchester United have ever been involved in!! Let him go play somewhere his behaviour is acceptable. Apparently Middle Eastern football is paying well I hear they have poor women’s rights.
    Generally the comments giving him a chance are based in African and Middle Eastern countries, paid for? Either way this is a British issue not an African one…
    MY advice for Africans is toilet downstream of where ya getting ya drinking water, we sick subsidising ya stupidity. See how ya don’t like my opinion on your social issues… vice versa

  22. Women who transact bogus claims against men for monetary reward should receive custodial sentences. End of!

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