Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp told the season is being ruined by ‘worst £30m deal ever’

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Paul Merson has claimed that Liverpool’s season has been ruined by selling Sadio Mane for just £30m. 

It’s been a difficult season for Liverpool in the Premier League so far. Klopp is struggling to get a tune out of his squad after years of success in England and in Europe.

Now, Sky Sports pundit Merson has claimed that Liverpool’s downfall is partly down to allowing Mane to leave the club for just £30m.

“It was the worst £30m ever. Honestly, you’d have been better off keeping him for another year and letting him go for free. He’d give enough to the club for him to go free, anyway, for them. 100% [he would have made a significant difference]. People have short memories,” said Merson, as relayed by the Daily Express.

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  1. Why did Liverpool sell Mané for so cheap? I don’t understand it and I think it is not me alone in this. His age and his game should not be the reason I guess. Now I see Mo Salah is the next to be sold for cheap again, 50 million. Does this make any sense? Yet Liverpool are continuing buying expensive players who are nowhere near the calibre of of those two world class players. Criteria used no one can understand it. How much did Man City pay for Haaland compared to The money they paid in panic for Nuńez. By age Real Madrid sold Cacermiro to Man United for a fee above 70m compared to Mané’ prize and his age. Weird isn’t it?

  2. There is a curse on Liverpool I think and it won’t go away from them for a long time. Maybe even pushing then to be relegated. It can’t be that their midfield is crowded with midfielders whom they can’t even sell yet most injury prone. This overcrowding caused them into blindfold that the didn’t see this coming.

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