(Video) Gary Neville has his say on Manchester United’s title chances

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Gary Neville has had his say on Manchester United’s title chances after their latest victory over Leeds United.

With Arsenal dropping points in their last two Premier League games the title race is beginning to get a little more exciting.

Manchester United were barely in the conversation a few months ago, but after a string of excellent results, they could have an outside chance.

However, former Manchester United defender Neville still believes it’s a two-horse race between Manchester City and Arsenal.

Neville is possibly just trying to shift the attention away from his former club as they quietly pick up points, but there’s no doubt Manchester City and Arsenal have shown more quality over the course of the season.

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  1. Garry Neville is gaffer what he said is not what he meant he os two edge sword as far as supporting man utd is concern though football is no mathematics but Garry Neville can work the mathematics for you and give you the answer how man utd will I’ll winit ahead of other teams but who knows Howard Webb are back is business as usual with the few weeks or month the hand writing are beginning to re-wright by saying the the var checker forgot to draw the line to know whether the player in question is offside or not please football lovers, referees and ex referees is that enough excuse? Howard Webb this your second coming will prove you or nail you because we all know the referees and var are going to work from your instructions and they have already started who is fooling who?

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