Several Man United stars would be happy to have Mason Greenwood back

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Several of Manchester United’s first-team stars would reportedly have no objection to Mason Greenwood being allowed to return to training in the future. 

According to the Daily Mail, the charges against Greenwood were dropped at the start of the month when 12 witnesses refused to co-operate in the investigation, and it has emerged that the complainant had wanted to retract her accusations since last April.

Greenwood was first arrested back in January 2022 after videos and images were posted online of the footballer’s horrendous acts towards a young woman and following his arrest, Man United decided to suspend him on full pay.

The Red Devils star has not played for the club since and should everything go well for him regarding the Manchester club’s internal investigation, several first-team stars are said to have no problem with the 21-year-old returning despite evidence of his crimes, reports The Times.

Mason Greenwood could return to Man United

Greenwood is not expected to play for Man United this season, and one of the many problems regarding this situation is that members of the United women’s team have serious concerns over the 21-year-old potentially returning to training.

The Manchester club’s women’s team share the training ground with the men’s team and rightfully have some concerns over his return.

It is uncertain how long Man United’s internal investigation will take before reaching a conclusion but it is hoped everyone’s concerns are taken on board.

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  1. we the united fan forgive and we want him back to the squad please the united women should please leave him alone he is not guilty and far as court as declare him not guilty and Ronaldo too was accused but why is greenwood critics nobody was there when the incident happen u can judge what u don’t see and evidence at times can be fabricated please give another chance to prove himself we all love united and we want the unity to continue pls

    1. No we don’t you absolute troglodyte. You don’t speak for any other than yourself. A court did not declare him not guilty. Dropped charges and not guilty are completely different. He should never be allowed to play football again, let alone for Utd

      1. I know u are enemy of man utd, u will try all ur best for the star boy not to play for our greatest man utd again, because his always a threat for ur stupid team u follow, leave Mason for us, Mason is coming back and he will continue to harm ur useless team.. GGMU…

      2. There is a reason the charges were dropped. One reason was that her so-called witnesses could not back up their storys because they were full of lies. The video-audio had been tampered with. It was a set-up, like it was in the Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard trial last summer.

      3. You are not a United fan shut up,This is football not politics,If the boy has not been found guilty,Let him play,Hes just 21 for goodness sake.

        True United fans wamt football not politics.

        We want trophies

    2. Let us unite both men and women of man United to support our young brother, remember that he comes from the academy of Manchester,he is one of them. I have forgive Mason has a Manchester united fans,Let give him another chance to impress. This is top 🔝 talent that we cannot afford to lose. Thank you.

  2. Pls united should just allom him back, we really need him bck in our team…i love is style of play, very good, experience nd a proffersional player he his:?

    1. Yeah Green is good can score goals as compared to Elanga or Wegorst and provides competition for Antony or Sancho

    1. Everyone gets a second chance in life.
      For those that are Christian and really believe in God; everyday we sin against God and he is always Willing to forgive and will never remember the sins anymore.
      Those that are ready to crucify him. Nobody is perfect. Some of you have even done the same thing or even worse. Just, no one knows. Only God is perfect.

      1. I support you.some of us act as if they are saints while they only see other people mistakes. They talk as if they are perfect while the truth is contrary. Let Greenwood comeback the court said there is a new evidence that proved he is not guilty so i don’t know if these people opposing have seen it or just yaping.

  3. Mason Greenwood has had all charges dropped against him.Ok let the club do there internal investigations,maybe the club has to evaluate how Mason may have been affected mentally & physically towards his playing football.He is still only a young lad an exellent footballer.I say get him physically fit plenty of gym work, training with the rest of the team,get him ready and prepared for next season.I understand how the ladies team members feel about Mason if they would like to see him back or not?but my question to the ladies team is what Mason has been through could have happened to any of you.The law says innocent until proven otherwise,charges have been dropped against him so please all of you let it rest.

  4. He’s a fantastic player far better than Antony and martial, please don’t send him to ur opponent, please Manu will regret letting him go.this is the season to show him love and train him to be a better plaer

  5. It’s a very sensitive subject and everyone has an opinion. Hugely difficult for the club tbh. World class player, very valuable asset, definitely a first 11 player. We need a striker..
    Also the negative of his actions, people’s opinions and feelings.
    Is the positive going to outweigh the negative?
    Personally I feel Mason has to publicly acknowledge his actions. Unreservedly apologie, accept his responsibility and own it.. Show he’s learned a huge lesson, will get any help required to never again do or say anything like this. If he shows true remorse and goes to any lengths to change his attitude and outlook then I feel he deserved a second chance at United.
    If not and he’s in denial then unfortunately I’d was my hands of him..

  6. Let our brother Greenwood back please, we realy need him and we missed him a lot, nobody under the sun is perfect but only Jesus was, so to the united stakeholders plz plz plz find a room to forgive Greenwood and allow him back, #UNITED FOREVER, Big fan from Africa Kenya

  7. All charges against Mason were dropped. He’s a terrific lad who made some mistakes that he hopefully learnt from. If he so wishes, he should be allowed to join the lads. Otherwise, he should be allowed to seek greener pastures. But, I bet, ManU will regret allowing him leave one day soon!

    1. The video is full of faults, she & her friends had been caught out. In the end her friends “witnesses” could no longer carry on with the lies, so they withdrew their statements. So many similar cases with false video evidence has been kicked out of courts in recent years.

  8. We are man united fans and we really love him and we want him to be part of the club so the management of the club should forgive our young boy!

  9. Please Board, Please players, both Men and Women, Please every fans around the world… Let’s Forgive Mason, don’t let us regret loosing him in future. Please 4giv GGMU 4EVER.

  10. The video is full of faults, she & her friends had been caught out. In the end her friends “witnesses” could no longer carry on with the lies, so they withdrew their statements. So many similar cases with false video evidence has been kicked out of courts in recent years.

  11. Johnson(Ghana). Lete us think about the future of Man U . The boy is free as the court says. Let us intergrate him into the team

  12. Mason Greenwood….we give me a chance to get into the squad, he is an exceptional player,he will fit easily into the squad. He was freed of all charges…..give the boy a chance in life……

  13. I wish you can only read how much we miss his play, worse he has been declared free and he cant play now 😫.

    We united should have him back because he is ours…..

  14. He must come back, please Man United Ladies we understand how u feel and respect you, the man was not charged or found to be guilty. Please allow the man to come back, let his talent not to be ruined

  15. These women should not have a problem with Greenwood’s future. Or are they so perfect. They are disgusting

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