Graham Potter could be sacked this week, says former Chelsea star

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Former Chelsea player Tony Cascarino believes that Blues manager Graham Potter could be sacked this week, and would have been sacked three times already under previous owner Roman Abramovich.

The west London giants are on an awful run of form under Potter, who just hasn’t looked up to the job since he was surprisingly appointed to replace the popular and successful Thomas Tuchel earlier this season.

Although Potter impressed a great deal during his time in charge of Brighton, he just hasn’t quite looked capable of making the step up to a big club like Chelsea, and Cascarino seems to think his days could now be numbered.

Chelsea lost 1-0 at home to Southampton at the weekend, and are currently on a torrid run of just two wins from their last 14 games in all competitions.

James Ward-Prowse scored the winner at Stamford Bridge

It’s hard to imagine Abramovich would have allowed things to get so bad, so Cascarino is now starting to wonder if Todd Boehly’s patience will be being tested.

“If Roman Abramovich was still the Chelsea owner, Graham Potter would have been sacked on three different occasions by now,” Cascarino wrote in his column for the Times.

“His side’s first-half performance in the 1-0 home defeat by Southampton was abysmal, and losing to the Premier League’s bottom club is simply unacceptable.

“Even with Toddy Boehly’s ownership group now running Chelsea, I cannot see Potter being afforded much more patience. The club have spent more than £500 million since last summer, bringing in some of the best talent around.

“Their squad is so deep that when I am at Stamford Bridge for a game, I sometimes bump into players not in the matchday squad that would walk into the starting XI of most teams in the country.

“Boehly is clearly in a hurry to get Chelsea competing for titles again, so why would he be content to allow mediocrity under Potter? I would not be surprised if the head coach was dismissed this week.”

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  1. Kizza david uganda East Africa
    Potter might be a good coach for a small team with small dreams, Chelsea is too HUGE for him,this is even witnessed by the fact that he doesn’t even have a starting line up,he tinkers alot,signs of a mideocre coach

  2. We won’t be surprised to see potter being sacked he was given much time to settle the team he couldn’t so we need a change in the Chelsea very very soon Sam Sammy Uganda central region.

  3. Porter Should have resigned by now

    Todd must do something by end of week of not as loving fans of the club,we will demand that him and Porter leave The club to pave way for a more serious investor with The club at heart.

    We want The govt to reconcider its stand on Roman we want him back he lived for The club

  4. We suffered every weekend because of, from bad to worst performance and result. Now nearer to relegation line. Thanks to King Roman, if you were he would sacked three times.

  5. Fans will soon stop watching Chelsea game because we are being tortured by the results week in weeks out

    1. 😂😂😂 Nowadays I just match to sport house knowing very well the outcome but it wasn’t a big deal to me I want Porter to be sacked with immediate effect 🔜

  6. Hurry up bolle get the poch in before it’s to late our do you want to play championship football next season

  7. I don’t really understand this Chelsea head coach graham potter, to be frank in what I have seen so far this man lacks a lot when it comes to quality and the players themselves are not really looking up to him for inspiration and this is bad for the squad they see him as one of the staff at sw6 they don’t give their best to win games these guys play well in one half then the other half shambolic or they play well today with some positive even after losing then u expect then to build from there then there comes the next game and u regret believing in them at first, in fact this man and his team makes the fans that spend a lot of money 💲 and time to view these games look so stupid most times. Let’s even go back to his time at Brighton, though his Brighton team do play well most time compare to this present Chelsea team full off quality but can never score also they don’t score a lot af goals potter’s teams has always failed to put a enough body in the opposite box when attacking with the ball and when u don’t always have enough body in the opponent box it can also make it difficult to score gaols u shot the and keeper paries it away there will be no enough present to follow up the rebound this has been potter’s tactics and won’t change he still work like a midtable team this is the mentally he’s got so tell me where this improvement we are all waiting for coming from cos if they are depending on potter hmmm I don’t c anything coming from that in fact he’s got nothing else left to offer. U can’t win two out of fifteen all because u are rebuilding not even average manager does bucause it is unacceptable not even at a midtable team. Chelsea can not and will never go back to where they use to be under potter believe it or not potter will never improve this talented squad is as simple as that even if u give him now till next two seasons he doesn’t have enough to manage a team like Chelsea I think the huge contract he signed has become an essue sacking potter just they hurting fans

    1. That’s awsome for sacking that as like us like fans we need more experience coaches n the big teams like Chelsea we need Thomas tuchel t be back he is a gentleman who always towards achivement off targeting something

  8. Porter should be sacked with immediate effect,,,How is it possible that we sign new players only participate in the league not competing

  9. Leave potter alone at Chelsea I’ll keep saying this if some fans are upset now they should create their own club and wish to change the coaches like Chelsea former owner more life Todd you’re not going to regret this decision you and egbhali

  10. Keep doing your job Graham if some of these fans could see what you have been doing this will be better but not everyone can see with their big eyes and some even pretend not to see because of the results now

  11. He is not the problem at Chelsea haters should leave Graham Potter for us go publish this if you love us please keep praying for the whole team the owners and the coaches for their job so far

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