TV grilling considered for Man United star as part of rehabilitation

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It’s been a tumultuous few months for Manchester United star, Mason Greenwood.

After being arrested in January 2022 on various serious charges including attempted rape, the case against him was dismissed in February 2023 leaving the way clear for the player to resurrect his career on the pitch.

Whatever the noise surrounding his particular case, in England you remain innocent until proven guilty and the fact that the Crown Prosecution Service have now dropped the charges should see an end to the scrutiny.

In the social media age, that is, perhaps, unlikely to happen, though if things are handled sensitively to this point, there’s a reason to believe that Greenwood may be able to move on from this unsavoury episode.

Before the arrest, the youngster was one of Man United and England’s brightest prospects, though both club and country will need to tread very carefully in the initial stages of Greenwood’s rehabilitation.

Mason Greenwood

Indeed, as The Athletic (subscription required) report, no scenario is off the table at present. Greenwood may have a future at United or he may not. Much of that may depend on the view of new manager, Erik ten Hag.

It’s entirely possible of course that he may no longer have a future in the game at all.

In any event, The Athletic note that a potential TV interview, where the player will be grilled on past events could form part of a phased return to United.

It’s a very delicate subject all round, and one which deserves to be treated with the upmost care and attention on all sides.

Such an emotive subject matter will almost certainly see polarising beliefs from fans of all clubs, so an overnight resolution to the same can’t be expected either.

For now, Greenwood will be well advised to follow whatever processes are being put in place and see where the land lies in a few months time.

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  1. All charges have been dropped. Therefore he should be allowed to continue his career at United. Think he has been through enough now.

    1. They knew very well..all have change cause money buy the witness…..evidence was the video…..they have…..but when you have money everything can change…..

    2. The trouble is the charges have only been dropped because his partner refused to give evidence against him. He has not been found innocent.

    3. The charges should never have been dropped has theor was video evidence as well as voice recording evidence as well

  2. Not happy with what tgd v lads find obviously but the whole team knew he had issues his v old was he 19. He’s back living with the girl and her family and by all accounts they have forgiven him as they ( she ) withdrew charges and they are now pregnant with his child .
    I don’t think this ultimately is a united decision it’s unfortunately more commercial than that . As they could lose millions in sponsors if they don’t like it . The lad himself has to earn a living . Me I’d let him train and put him out on loan for a season in Turkey Or Italy let the Nike of the world judge then if he keeps his nose clean and performs bring him back let him do some media carefully controlled then play him in . Alternatively sell him sadly £20 m is damaged goods value and pug the money toward bringing in Kane

    1. If you send him out on loan abroad, his girlfriend and baby suffer. Its an issue for him and his club. Nobody else.

  3. I think all this episode rest on the person who laid the charges which is his girlfriend. His name would be cleared and understandably if its her who make most of the statement about the way forward. Greenwood can make his statement but in mean less to most people who feel aggressive about what they heard.

  4. I am a United fan. We all heard the recordings. I will be disgusted if he ever pulls on a United shirt again. What message does that send to youngsters. Do what you want then throw money at the problem and hey presto… problem gone. He made his bed.

  5. I am a United fan and the charges are now down. I don’t care about that purported video since it’s not a justification since voices nowadays are carbon copied. I can’t wait to see the boy wearing United jersey 11. Innocent until proven guilty it is.

    1. He hasn’t kicked a ball in over a year so he he might not be the same player he was when he was younger so you have to take that into consideration when saying let him play again.

  6. Greenwood is a special boy. He made a grave mistake and i believe he regrets it. The girl friend has decided to forgive him why should we refuse. sometimes we only hear on side of the story. I want so badly this lad to show case his abilities

  7. Better let him play for Man United,is a good player.we may think to let him go out to other clubs and then regret seeing how he will be playing

  8. I’m an arsenal fan.i admired him as a player for his ambidexterity and long range strikes but i’ll from now on assume he no longer exist (if at all he ever gets to play elite level football again) for commiting such an atrocity just to get btw a lady’s legs ,his WAG for that matter.

  9. Hang on a minute people did you lot miss the full police statement in it they sashes withdrawn her statement and NEW evidence has come to light now until we know what that is we should all back of .One other thing it’s been reported that Gareth Southgate will never pick Greenwood for England, it didn’t take him long to forgive Phil Forden though

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