Gareth Southgate makes major decision on Mason Greenwood’s England future

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Despite having all criminal charges against him recently dropped, according to recent reports, Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood will never be selected to represent England by manager Gareth Southgate again.

That’s according to The Sun, who claim the United attacker is not in Southgate’s Three Lions plans, with the 52-year-old boss set to snub any opportunities to pick the 21-year-old again.

Greenwood was arrested just over 12 months ago on suspicion of rape and assault by Greater Manchester Police.

However, following a lengthy criminal investigation, it was recently confirmed that the English forward will face no further action after the charges were dropped following a lack of key witnesses.

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  1. When did Southgate qualify as a legal expert?
    I always thought that someone was innocent until proven guilty?

  2. Southgate was chosen as a safe option who fits the old boy establishment criteria of a non controversial conformist England Manager. He is merely living up to what the faceless old men who run our national team would expect him to do. He has made himself judge and jury, even though Mason has not been found guilty of anything. Its a shameful but sadly unsurprising decision. If Southgate really believed in justice he would have walked away from the Managers position for which he has demonstrated, he is not good enough to fill.

    1. Mason committed rape. He paid off the woman and her family. Now pretending to be her husband. Ho tead about this and inform yourself. He is a rapist

  3. If he was deemed innocent its wrong for Gareth to make a decision on someone unless he is a judge.It doesn’t look right

    1. He wasn’t found innocent they just dropped the charges, surely you must of seen the videos?, he’s not innocent at all he just got away with it

  4. He has not been deemed innocent as the evidence was not tested in a court of law. Key witnesses became unwilling to give testimony so case not proceeded with. My be just guessing but bet some fat brown envelopes have changed hands to bring about this result

    1. Hardly Mr current affairs are you. The key witness being pregnant with his child might be more of a factor

  5. I am sorry to say that no one is perfect. Mason has not been found guilty of the charges made, if the prosecution services thought there was any chance of a prosecution they would have proceeded with court proceedings. So what give Southgate to tarnish the lad forever and label him guilty without proof. Absolutely disgusting should be brought to task over his decision!

  6. So let’s not pretend whatever the name says 90% of the replies saying give him a chance are from Arab/African countries. This is about the England team, as a member of the England team we don’t tend not to glorify rapists. The situation regarding withdrawn charges we all well aware of so let’s use the innocent until proven guilty. The little boy was to scared to face a jury because he knew he was guilty. We all know why charges were dropped!

    1. You are a big fool to say that, why calling Africa and Arab here, Thunder strike you there n****, racism will kill foolish idiots

  7. Live Greenwood alone he is not guilty.Have you not committed a heavier crime more than what was accused of the lad?.So please mind your business we fans around the world like Greenwood Mason.

  8. Please man Utd and England coach should include Mason Greenwood in the team.If God Almighty forgives our own sins then who is man to say otherwise.We plead to allow him play because we love the way he plays.Thanks a lot

  9. Can quite honestly say I have never raped or assaulted a woman and ‘the lad’ only has his liberty because money talks. He should never play football for any respectable club again.

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