Premier League set for major rule change that could see 100-minute matches

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We could be set to see 100-minute matches in the Premier League next season as new rule changes come into effect.

At the 2022 World Cup in Qatar we got a glimpse of what new stoppage time rules could look like if match officials are stricter on how much time tends to be wasted in games.

43 of the 62 matches at the tournament went over 100 minutes, and these rule changes now look set to be in place in the Premier League next.

The ball only tends to be in play for 55-60 minutes per game, so it makes sense to try to cut out time wasting and to make up for the time lost during substitutions and other things.

However, using that logic, games of over 100 minutes probably won’t be quite enough, and some have suggested it would make more sense to simply pause the clock and reduce games to just 60 minutes.

Speaking about this recently, FIFA president Gianni Infantino said: “We want to fight against time-wasting, we want the fans to enjoy the game, we have seen at the last World Cup on average we had a bit more than ten minutes additional time, and around 60 minutes of effective time being played.

“It has been widely appreciated by everyone and the laws of the game are universal and we have to make sure they are universally implemented.

“We have seen a very inconsistent application of these laws of the game when it comes to time-wasting, and some leagues have matches lasting less than 50 minutes, and others have around 60 minutes now.

“We will monitor leagues all over the world. But we are not changing the laws of the game, and there will be no stoppage clock.”


  1. This is absolutely a disgrace.. it will effect young children and older people in particular , not to mention shift workers. Particularly on Evening kick offs. The Premier league is a law unto itself. Premier League Management should be ashamed and once again no consultation with club supporters. Grow up and think of the damage this will do. Time wasting is easily solved. If a player is time wasting then that player should be sent from the field of play for at least 5 minutes. If the player persists in this infringement of the Laws of the game then a Red card should be shown. Get your act together.

    1. Sir that is probably the most common sense reply/ideas I have ever read about the premier league.

      Well done .

  2. They only need to stop the watch every time like they do in rugby you see all the game then

  3. Why not look at what happens in Rugby. The clock gets stopped when injury or substitutes are happening. And why not look at the sin bin rule to reduce the amount of reckless yellow cards. 10 minutes in the bin might go some players a bit of good to realise how they have let them team mates down.

    1. Good idea,have been saying that for years to take a leaf from Ice hockey and Rugby.👌

  4. I think the stop clock approach is the right way forward. Decide how much actual time should be played and then stop the clock for infringement, throw ins etc. and book players if they waste time. A 60 minute game of hockey typically takes around 1 .5 hours (excluding intervals) and players are penalised to delay of the game.

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