Uli Hoeness won’t baulk at a £100m offer from Bayern for Tottenham’s Harry Kane

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It really is now or never for Harry Kane in terms of a move away from Tottenham Hotspur, and it might interest the England captain to know that, were he to become available at around the £100m mark, then Bayern Munich chief, Uli Hoeness, wouldn’t necessarily baulk at that price.

Considering Kane’s advancing years, any transfer fee approaching such an amount could be argued isn’t the best of investments, however, he does still bring a guarantee of goals and has a good few seasons left in him yet.

Perhaps it’s the elevated nature of the transfer market which sees player valuations climb ever higher, and to that end no blame can be attached to Kane. After all, he doesn’t set the market value.

From a personal perspective, Kane will understand that this is going to be another trophy less season for him, and that could, finally, be the kicker that sees him leave the club.

Back in 2017, Thierry Henry interviewed the player for Sky Sports, where he admitted that within three years – so 2020 – he would want to be winning trophies with Spurs.

We’re now three years past that deadline and there’s still nothing in Kane’s cabinet, so if he is going to consider moving, it’s a fair bet that this summer will be the point at which he says his goodbyes in north London.

Hoeness was asked about purchasing a £100m player by Sky Sports Germany, and he certainly didn’t dismiss the idea out of hand.

“I’m one of nine members of the supervisory board who have a say in the executive committee when it comes to large expenses of over 25 million euros. And I’ve expressed my personal private opinion here,” he said.

“I can imagine that one day a player would go to FC Bayern, which can cost around 100m, but I gave my opinion specifically on the Kane case, he’s almost 30 years old and last year Tottenham rejected Manchester City’s 160m offer, so I said in in this case, it would be awesome if FC Bayern approached such a transfer.

“I would give my private opinion. I’m one of nine and if the other eight say he’s going to be bought, then he’s going to be bought. That’s how it is in a democracy.”

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