Premier League players and managers will not participate in BBC interviews today following Gary Lineker decision

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The Premier League has told the 12 clubs playing matches today that their players and managers will not receive requests for Match of the Day interviews following the BBC’s decision to remove Gary Lineker from the show. 

There was an indication from several of the Premier League’s stars that they would boycott the BBC over the weekend and now the Premier League has taken it upon itself to remove making a decision over interviews out of the players and managers’ hands as the BBC will not be allowed to approach them for interviews this weekend, reports the BBC’s Dan Roan.

The Premier League has also informed the League Managers’ Association and the Professional Footballers’ Association of their decision as the storm surrounding Match of the Day continues.

This comes after Gary Linekar was temporarily removed from his duties regarding Match of the Day this week due to a tweet that criticised the British government. The show’s pundits Ian Wright and Alan Shearer, amongst others, decided to boycott the show in solidarity with their friend yesterday and at present, only the action will be shown during Saturday night’s showing as they have no presenter, pundits, commentators or interviews.

Football is rallying around Lineker following the BBC’s decision and when this storm dies down is uncertain as of now.

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  1. You’ve made a mistake, you have time to drop this matter and get the enjoyable ex footballers back on tv.

  2. Jug eared linekears has no personality whatsoever. It’s a shame his colleagues are following the idiot’s misguided pompous lead!

  3. Personally I am in agreement with the government about the small boats coming over illegally but that’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it and am also entitled to voice my opinion as is everyone else . Gary Lineker has exactly the same rights an should not be punished for having an opinion. I would appreciate a refund in my tv licese fee from the BBC as I disagree with what they have done , Remove Gary for having an opinion but support Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris , something sadly wrong somewhere.

  4. 100% agree with GL. Look back in your history books. This far right, fascist govt and the media (BBC inc.) have poisoned the minds of British people just like the fascist German Govt of 30’s did – feeding them disinformation and lies and fermenting hate to divide, and just like back then the people believe and swallow the drip, drip of hateful propaganda. What’s next in the fascist playbook – remove human rights?, the right to vote for those who disagree? (both of which are in the process of being implemented). Dark days ahead – just like 30’s Germany.

  5. I guess the reason this has become a political debate is that the “stop the boats” is the government’s view of Brexit, in terms of control of our boarders, we have mandated them to achieve. As such they believe they can take any steps they see as reasonable, to achieve that. I guess GL isn’t supposed to express a view but it is clearly a subject he has been directly involved in. I suspect he meant the reference to ’30s Germany as thought provoking. TBH it made me think. However I guess I, like GL, am officially in the minority in these modern times of looking out for yourself above others. Disappointed 😞

  6. This happened in Romania during Ceaușescu regime. The Freedom of Speech is assaulted again as it was in plandemic period.

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