Levy Looking For Pochettino 2.0 [video]

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Yay! Spurs beat Nottingham Forest and so everything is good again. What joy, count me in for Formula One branded go-cart tickets… or maybe things require a tad more thought. Maybe Tottenham Hotspur Football Club needs to stop peddling commercial sponsorships as achievements and revisit the core aspect of the business. Who knows? All I know is that failing to ‘get a tune’ out of successive serial winners is a legitimate cause for concern.

Are you not concerned about the way this club is being run, or are you quite willing to suck back on the ENIC Kool-Aid?


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  1. Until massive boycott happens nothing will change Levy n Lewis don’t care while 50 odd thousand fans turning up spending there hard earn cash while they skip to the banking laughing at what there are getting away with all they care about it’s buildings n not a playing squad or atleast a top playing squad our fans hink signing levy out with make him change or leave will never happen hitting them hard in the pocket for a few games will only way fat cats like levy n Lewis understand if u really want trophies this needs to happen if not keep going week on week for another 20 odd years watching this crap n a team full off bottlers

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