Frank McAvennie blasts David Moyes for applying negative football

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Frank McAvennie believes West Ham players are suffering because of negative football that is being played at London Stadium.

With only six victories in the Premier League this season, the Hammers are in a relegation race and risk falling farther into it during the break because they don’t play again until after the break.

“Bowen, Benrahma, Fornals, they’re not doing it,” McAvennie told West Ham Zone.

“I’m thinking there has got to be a reason. You all just don’t turn up and play bad games.

“You’re asking them to defend and they’re not going to like it. So we’re guessing. I can understand Bowen having a few bad games, and Benrahma, and Fornals, but all of them together?

“Scamacca, Antonio, none of them are playing well. Whether that’s because we’re playing negative, I don’t know.

“I really don’t know what the situation is but when you’ve got those five players plus Paqueta, you shouldn’t be in that position. These guys want to play football.

“They’ve got wonderful talent when they get the ball down. So something is not right, they’re not trying to get the ball to them.

“That’s six players that would walk into our team and they’re not playing well. That’s not even including Rice and whoever else is playing beside him because it’s chopping and changing now.

“It’s a strange one.” – finished McAvennie.



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  1. I believe David Moyes comments after the second Larnaca game, totally summed up his attitude, I have won through to Europa Semi finals now. Not we, or the team, but I… what an arrogant man he is. The sooner we get a manager, who can produce results, from this wonderful squad of players the better.. BTW, I have supported the Hammers, for over 70 years.

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