Premier League star accused of sexual assault for the third time

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A Premier League footballer has reportedly been accused of sexual assault for the third time.

According to a report from Daily Mail, the player in question has previously been accused of sexually assaulting two other victims in 2021 and 2022 as well.

It appears that a third alleged victim has now come forward with allegations that she was sexually assaulted in Hertfordshire in February 2022.

The report mentions that the player has been questioned over the allegations at a police station for hours after being arrested previously on July 2022 based on the first two complaints.

While the report refrains from mentioning the name of the player because of legal reasons, Daily Mail claims that the footballer resides in north London and he recently travelled with his international teammates to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The player has not been suspended by his club pending the investigation and he has been a part of the first team this season.


  1. If this is thomas partey again then he has to grow up and get done with those chicks of his as they will do him more harm than good.for the fact that he enjoys the priviledge of not being announced unlike dani alvez,greenwood,robinho,city’s mendy etc etc goes to show that something is not adding up in the complainants’ claim hence a sign of a plot to ruin him…looking at the “victim” in question i can’t help but laugh in spanish cos she looks into the world so i don’t think a guy of partey’s calibre have to forcefully go down with her but i’d love justice be served accordingly on whoever is found guilty of crimes irrespective of the club he plays for.

  2. They can’t and shouldn’t name the player until they are ready to charge him. And the club won’t suspend a player unless they are charged. If a player is named before charges are brought and then no charges are brought there would be serious ramifications and a lot of compensation cases. People are supposed to be innocent until ‘PROVEN’ guilty and that should be done in a court of law and not on social media.

  3. This rape case in the United States of America and other continent is becoming too much

  4. The matter of rape across the globe is becoming too much something needs to be done about this before it excarate.

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