Italian giants ‘appreciate’ Man United star who wants to restart his career ‘outside of England’

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With injuries to key players to attend to ahead of a Europa League return, an FA Cup semi-final and the chase for a Champions League spot, Erik ten Hag has a lot to think about at Man United over the next few weeks.

That’s before the Dutchman can even begin to start thinking about player contracts and potential signings.

With Newcastle having lost at Aston Villa, the Red Devils can move three points ahead of the Magpies should they beat Nottingham Forest on Sunday.

Without the likes of Lisandro Martinez and Raphael Varane at the back that could be a tall order, nevertheless, United have to go all out for the points from now until the end of the 2022/23 campaign, such is the fine margins at the top end of the table.

One player who hasn’t featured for the club this season is Mason Greenwood, whose troubles have been well documented.

His is a hugely delicate situation for a variety of reasons, but it appears that the player himself may well have made a decision that will impact the Old Trafford outfit significantly.

According to Relevo, Greenwood is looking forward to restarting his career ‘outside of England.’ The outlet also note that AC Milan are a team that ‘appreciate’ his technical qualities.

It isn’t clear at this stage if Man United will block any potential request or whether they’ll want to save themselves any further drama and decide to allow Greenwood to move on.

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  1. There is a win – win – win opportunity here for Greenwood, Man U and most importantly for addressing the issue of violence against women. Greenwood has not been charged, let alone convicted, of any offences thus but could use the opportunity to take stock of his attitude and how this impacts his relationships, particularly as he will soon become a father. He could share this journey and reach out to womens’ campaign groups and to other young men and particularly young footballers. I could not have dealt with the pressures of fame and fortune at his age and did not handle well what pressures I did face. Maturity and wisdom comes at a cost and I regret what it cost others more than what it cost me. This young man, most young men need help here and in this respect if they don’t get it it is often women who suffer. Man U owe Greenwood a duty of care. They and other clubs are wealthy and their wealth contributes to this problem. They could put a little of that wealth to good use funding a programme to change attitudes outcomes here.

    1. I know someone who has committed over 100 burglaries, he has never been charged or found guilty, but he is still a bloody thief.

      1. I love that reply top class 🤣🤣🤣 same here I know a mate who deals a bit of coke here n there n he’s says he isn’t a dealer because its not a full time job 🤣🤣

    2. I believe in second chances but escaping without punishment isnt fair. If this had been a normal member of the public/society then they would have been charged and sentenced. Simple as that. Just another example of money and fame getting away with things that everyone else wouldn’t. We all saw the recordings and what he did so How’s he not been charged? British justice system at its best yet again. Just goes to show. If you’ve got money or fame you can get away with most things

    3. Wow you’re so right. I hope he does do what you say with regards to campaign groups etc

  2. David Bull has put it succinctly – please do not vilify one of this countries most promising footballers being paid loads of money for being a prat ! We all know that life is not an easy pathway & most of these lads hit the rocky road at some point please forgive & forget & allow him to move on.There are loads of us out there who would love the opportunity to mentor him through these stormy waters.

  3. Sorry my fellow fans, I didn’t want to say these but I will say it. I like Ten hag just like the way I like Mason.Eric want makes you not giving chance green wood why you take by personal because if is not that then give the boy chance to prove himself that he is changed man. Every one makes mistake but we never judged with one mistake they give advice. The lad is baron dor winer in future as longer to win baron dor is to score more goals he will win because he is goal machine don’t take that and send somewhere no big No give chance. Don’t listen to that woman she doesn’t know what she talking why her parents didn’t get tired of her. U mean she didn’t make any mistake in her life or she is an Angel. it was just bud behavior and we give advice he will learn from the you learn from your own mistake and get experience that’s why they call it Experience you learn from your past thanks idont know is too much or not but in football wise he can score more goals than any one in our team right now

  4. You should let him play because you really need players right now because you have a load injured player and he was a great player for you if you thought he was guilty you wouldn’t have still paying him of you don’t want him let him go to nother club

  5. You should let him play because you really need players right now because you have a load injured player and he was a great player for you if you thought he was guilty you wouldn’t have still paying him of you don’t want him let him go to other club

  6. You should let him play because you really need players right now because you have a load injured player and he was a great player for you if you thought he was guilty you wouldn’t have still paying him

  7. Why punish Greenwood for so long , it’s full time the coach (if he is training with the squad) bring him on as a sub in the second half. With loads of injuries now , we need some quality players on the field

  8. For me, I didn’t see any offence Mason Greenwood committed. Erik Ten Hag should bring this guy into united squard, unless they will regret it.

  9. Mason wasn’t charged in this country you are innocent of ANY crime until proven guilty. I do not accept at all domestic violence witnessing my mother go through it with my father as a child its mentally scarred me over the beatings I got which to me only made me strong. Mason was not charged so that’s only means a lack of evidence so who can say he was guilty? Not 1 damn person! Mason to you stay and fight for the club who gave you a chance stay with UTD

    1. United know he was guilty. It cost him a fortune to pretend he isn’t a scum bag. You, judging by your own personal experience, should not defend this repeat offender just because he can run fast and kick a bit of leather.United covered for him before and they want nothing to do with him. I hope he takes Italian nationality too. Good riddance.

  10. Charges dropped means no case and not guilty. Britain has one of the most respected law systems in Europe and if this respected law system drops charges, it means it seriously.
    United didn’t have to do that internal investigation, no it was absurd and absolutely unnecessary. It was “charges dropped” and bango, go ahead, leave litigation to the justice system and go ahead and play Greenwood.

  11. No charges no crime . Let the lad get on with his career and life. His Partner retracted everything she said. How do we know she never made it up because they wasn’t getting on. We don’t.

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