Chelsea legend Frank Lampard branded “one of the worst Premier League coaches ever”

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Chelsea’s interim manager Frank Lampard has been branded one of the worst Premier League coaches ever after a disastrous spell this season with both Chelsea and Everton.

The 44-year-old was a great player for Chelsea and England during his prime years, and will surely go down as one of the finest ever produced in this country.

As a manager, however, Lampard seems totally out of his depth, having lost his last ten matches in a row in all competitions with both Chelsea and Everton this season.

Blues fans will be relieved that Lampard is only in as interim manager at Stamford Bridge, but it’s also slightly worrying for the club as they’re not mathematically safe from relegation at the moment, and have some tricky games coming up before the end of the season.

Speaking on ESPN, journalist and pundit Julien Laurens laid into Lampard, saying he has to go down as one of the worst coaches at Premier League level, even if he seems like a nice and intelligent guy.

“If the season started at the end of October, Chelsea would be in the bottom three. In the last 22 Premier League matches, they would be 18th in the table – this is how bad they are,” Laurens said in the video clip above.

“And Frank Lampard, I’m sorry, we all like him, he’s a nice guy, an intelligent guy … he’s one of the worst Premier League coaches ever. He’s lost his last ten games as a Premier League coach with Chelsea and Everton.”

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  1. These English teams are destroying a generation of English promising managerial talent by rushing some of them into big & highly demanding jobs when they still haven’t really proven themselves.Lampard may not be that bad given the great job he did at Derby County but in retrospect going to Chelsea back then was either premature or he might just not have the ability to manage a team of that huge stature.Steveie G is another example:did a great job at Rangers & rushes into the Villa job & messes up.Graham Potter another one.& the British media also plays a part in puffing up these guys to their demise.

  2. Julien Laurens needs to stand back and take into account that Frank managed Chelsea at a time when no other manager was willing to take a job that placed them in handcuffs by players being sold and contracts expiring while on an FA ban from buying replacements. He not only managed by bringing in talent from the youth program but also got them to the point of winning the European championship under TT who publicly gave Frank credit for leaving him such a great team, it seems journalists have such short memories but the fans haven’t ! And now Frank has again stepped in to try and put right what the new owners have screwed up by dismantling something that wasn’t broken until they meddled with it.

  3. You make a good point Vic.In his first season at Chelsea Lampard did a remarkable job under very difficult circumstances such as the ban you refer to.But after the ban had been lifted & new players were brought in he faltered & he was subsequently dismissed.He struggled once again at Everton just as he is currently doing.Its just not looking good for him to be honest & I still maintain that the root cause for all this malaise is the fact that these promising managers are being catapulted into high profile jobs when they are still wet behind the ears.I’m looking at Micheal Carrick who is doing quite well at Boro.I hope he will stay put & gain much more experience & refuse to be tempted into prematurely rushing into a high profile job as these other guyz have done lest he wrecks his very promising career.

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