Alan Shearer admits Newcastle summer signing has changed his mind

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Alan Shearer has voiced his ‘surprise’ at what Nick Pope has accomplished at Newcastle United colors this season.

The renowned forward has revisited his opinion on the 31-year-old, who he once believed “wasn’t great,” but now thinks he is “phenomenal” for the Magpies.

“He has been magnificent,” said Shearer. “I think, at best, I have counted three mistakes from him this year. One was very costly for himself and for Newcastle, which was against Liverpool. Then one or two others.

“There was a question mark or maybe there was a question mark about the way teams want to play out from the back with the goalkeeper.

“He has made some crucial saves. Some top-class saves at such important times. He has surprised me. I was always told by people who knew him a lot better than I did what a really good goalkeeper he was. I used to sit and watch him from afar and think ‘yeah, okay, but I am not sure he is great’.

“What he has done for Newcastle has been phenomenal. He is really highly thought of. The fans love him. He is having a fantastic season and he has played a major part in everything that Newcastle have done.” – finished Shearer.