Incredible scenes between AC Milan Ultras and players after 2-0 defeat

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AC Milan players and supporters had an emotional talk after their 2-0 defeat to 18th placed Spezia, in what was a heartwarming moment of connection between the fans and players.

The Italian club had recently suffered a disappointing defeat to their rivals Inter Milan in the Champions League semi-final, and this loss added to the frustrations of the fans.

However, instead of ignoring their complaints, Manager Stefano Pioli led his team towards the passionate supporters, allowing them to address their concerns directly.

The players stood in front of the crowd as several members of the fanbase gave them a message of support.

Despite the defeat, the Milan faithful told the players that they stood with them and encouraged them to beat Inter Milan in their upcoming match. Pioli then led a round of applause which the supporters reciprocated, ending the night on a positive note.

It was an incredible moment of connection between fans and players, something that is often missing from modern football. The gesture shown by Pioli and his players was a demonstration of the importance of listening to the fans and building strong relationships with them.

Perhaps, this could inspire a come back in the second-leg of the Champions League semi-final against Inter.