Video: Ruben Dias’ spine-chilling dressing room team talk that might have inspired them to their 3rd League title in a row

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Manchester City have uploaded a brilliant behind the scenes footage that showcases how their team is full of leaders.

The captivating video shows the spine-chilling speeches by the likes of Ilkay Gundogan, Ruben Dias and Rodri.

This remarkable glimpse into the inner sanctum of the team reveals a group brimming with leaders who inspire their teammates before stepping onto the pitch.

The video captures the intensity and passion of these influential players, as they rally their fellow players, igniting a fire within each member of the squad.

With resounding words and unwavering determination, Gundogan, Dias, and Rodri demonstrate the exceptional leadership that drives Manchester City’s success on the field, uniting the team with a shared goal.

The most impressive was from Ruben Dias who insisted that the players should focus on themselves and show how much they want to win the Premier League again.

With team-mates and Pep Guardiola listening in complete silence, the defender spoke:

“I think we are forgetting the most important thing. We are forgetting about focusing just on ourselves. 

Show ourselves out there how much we f**king want to win it again. Because we have done it. 

And the best thing we have is that now we have done and they (Arsenal) think ‘oh they are tired’.

And we want to do it again. And that’s when we get BIG.”

This is the sort of the mentality and dressing room that wins you titles, something Manchester City have done thrice in a row now.



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