Tottenham offer job to 50-year-old manager who was sacked in April

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Tottenham have reportedly offered Brendan Rodgers the opportunity to manage them.

The 50-year-old was in charge of Leicester City earlier this season but he was sacked in April following a series of disappointing results.

Leicester City currently find themselves fighting for their survival in the Premier League. On the other hand, Rodgers is currently without a job, and it remains to be seen whether he is ready to take over at Tottenham in the summer.

The North London giants were keen on a move for the Feyenoord manager Arne Slot, who has recently won the league title with the Dutch club. However, the manager is keen on continuing at Feyenoord beyond this summer.

It seems that Rodgers is an alternative to the 44-year-old as per Football Transfers.

A report from Football Transfers claims that former Barcelona and Spanish national team manager, Luis Enrique is on the standby if Rodgers does not take the job.

Spurs parted ways with Antonio Conte earlier this season and they will have to bring in a quality replacement for the Italian manager. Former midfielder Ryan Mason is currently in charge of the first team on an interim basis.

Brendan Rodgers would love the Spurs job

It has been a disappointing season for Tottenham and they are set to miss out on Champions League qualification. They need to bring in a manager who will send out a statement regarding their ambition as a club. A quality manager could help Spurs attract top players and he would also help convince key players like Harry Kane to stay at the club.

It will be interesting to see how the Tottenham fans react to the appointment of Rodgers if it goes through. The 50-year-old did an impressive job at Leicester City prior to this season and he has impressed at clubs like Swansea, Liverpool and Celtic in the past.

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    1. This is the spurs way under levy n enic as they have not got a clue how to run a football team as why they turned us into a sporting / entertainment hub as if football fails like it does 98% of the time the others sports/entertainment crap will boast profits that the football side never see levy promises the best but delivery’s nothing n will always be the case

  1. This cannot be true, please. It can only be true if Rogers is the cheap option and is willing to be the fall guy when Levy renages on promises made. If Slot was going to cost a total of £15 million which Spurs considered too much, etc, just remember how much ENIC paid in bonuses to its board for the success last year, HA HA HA. My only hope is that this is all a charade and Poch actually joins Spurs as part of a William pay back.

    1. Stop going to games is only way to change the way levy n co run the club but fans keep turning up nomatter what is happening our favs r joke our club is a joke I said it will be the cheapest option n a yes man n Rogers is that man levy doesn’t want another manger that will stand up to him the fans r letting levy n enic do what they want with our club we’re a sporting/entertainment hub n it’s always what levy n Lewis want as if we do crap on pitch the rest of the other sports etc that rent the staduim will help balance books n the playing squad will see none of it but levy n enic will singing levy out doesn’t work has never work n never will work boycotting everything spurs is only thing that will get change it’s that simple

  2. A bit of success with Celtic , but they have nobody to compete with up there. Had a stint at Liverpool , got the chop, had a stint at Leicester , got the chop. I don’t think he is the answer. The problem starts at the top with Levy , a poor board of directors and a bunch of poor over rated , non premiership quality players., but how do you get rid of these deadwood players , unless you let them go on the cheap and start from scratch again.

  3. Agree about the Willian payback. However, MoPo doesn’t seem likely to return to the club, does he? Spurs weren’t doing especially well the year that MoPo was fired, were they?

    Rodgers doesn’t excite me. Slot not so much either. I was certainly hoping that Nagelsmann was going to take the job.

    1. Fair comment about MoPo’s last year but can you remember what Levy promised straight after the euro final.”to fully support the strength in the squad”

      MoPo told Levy where the squad needed building up but Levy went for the usual cheap options………….

      Potter would be my choice but sadly he is too intelligent to work for Levy ,unless he is looking for a good pay off

    1. It’s called being dyslexic u backwards tool mind buy ur season ticket n watch levy laugh at u fool no not every manger if backed correctly we had two of the most successful mangers in football won things at every club apart from spurs ohh wait mou win last year n is in a final again playing sane way Roma fans love it why do they love it cause it beings trophies we’re r the laughing stock of world football cause of fans like u n levy if nothing changes asap 5 years we will go down as we’re not thinking like a big club we’re thinking like a mid to bottom club as Levy doesn’t want an ambitions club as he will need to pay pkayers n staff more n less in his pockets we’re a sporting /entertainment hub not a football team

  4. Players are much harder to get rid off than managers. Players agents were the worst things to happen to football.

  5. I am not saying I he is a good choice but when is a new manager not somebody else cast off
    Only job in the world where you can be crap get the sack and then get another job at a top team

  6. True about manager reuse but what other choices do teams have? Take someone with no experience and everyone would complain also. It’s obviously easy to fire a manager but not so easy to fire a bunch of players and get good replacements to come in to replace them. Especially with Spurs recent transfer experiences. I don’t see how any club could pay what they did for Ndombele. I said when richarlison was being touted as a good player that I wanted him nowhere near Spurs. He is, other running around like crazy, pretty much next to useless.

  7. I am 51 years old, I have supported spurs since the age of 9, I can’t ever feeling so depressed as how the club is now, I think the problem lies in expectation, from a champions league final and top three places a new stadium, I really hoped it was our time, to deliver all though I am quick to point out I do not know a solution, certain players this season have not delivered, Son seems a different player, Richardson no time to shine , A keeper who seems not to be confident, Kane who seems to play deeper and deeper back, and for a lot of games this season spurs never showed up till the second half whistle, I just hope we get a progressive manager in I don’t mind if we concede 3 and score 5 but let’s attack that is our way our strength, sadly Tottenham you are losing me, I can’t watch you anymore!!!!

  8. I agree with you. I NEVER wanted Richarlison at Spurs. I’m a supporter since the mid 50s. I live in Florida and see all the Spurs games and have not been as disappointed in our play since I don’t know when.

  9. Brendan Rodgers going cheap soon to be added to the used managers heap next please

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