Mason Greenwood’s Man United future to be discussed imminently

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It’s been 16 long months since Mason Greenwood last played for Manchester United, and clarity on his future with the club could be just around the corner.

The issues surrounding the player have been well documented, with the Red Devils taking the decision to suspend him from all football-related activities as a result.

With the 2022/23 season coming to a close after this Saturday’s FA Cup final against local rivals Man City, the club can then sit down together with the player and discuss the options available to them.

The delicate nature of those discussions mean that they will have to be handled with the upmost care and attention.

At this point, there really is no clue as to which way the club will go in terms of whether they keep Greenwood on as a valued member of staff or agree to terminate his contract and send him on his way.

In an interview with The Times (subscription required), Erik ten Hag talked up Greenwood’s abilities as a front man – “showed in the past that he is capable of doing that” (front role, scoring 36 times in 130 appearances) – but made it clear that any subsequent decision isn’t his to make.

BBC Sport’s Simon Stone has also tweeted that the focus will be on Greenwood’s situation once the FA Cup final is done and dusted.

How United judge this particular issue will dictate how much, if any, reputational damage they will suffer as a result.

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  1. I think this highly unfair towards Mason Greenwood, he was taken to court and found not guilty ,spent the last couple of years keeping his nose clean even with all the finger pointing. He should not be judged anymore and let him get on with his life as a footballer, I think he has suffered enough!

    1. He wasn’t ‘taken to Court’ .. Greenwood got nowhere near a Court or underwent a trial. All that happened was that the charges ‘were dropped’ – meaning that there was neither innocence or guilt proven. Get your facts right

        1. He can, but not at Utd. His life will be hell playing in premier league. We’ve all heard the audio and other teams fans will hound him.

      1. You do not have to prove your innocence the prosecution have to prove your guilt. We are in England

      2. The police did not find any evudence to prosecute him,hence the charges being dropped.

    2. 100% Agree mate, if the law says he’s not guilty then what happened to innocent until found guilty

      1. Exactly Den, That’s probably what I’m trying to say in a nut shell glad you put it straight I agree 100%

    3. He wasn’t taken to court. The CPS dropped the case because key witnesses withdrew. That is entirely different from being tried and acquitted.

    4. You are totally wrong he was not found guilty .the girl pulled out and there was no case to answer he should never be able to play in this country again just by the tape s he would have been guilty it’s shocking he should never be able to get away with .it .would you let him do that to your daughter

  2. So he’s not guilty or innocent, then carry on doing what you like best(football)and stuff the haters ! . You will return to football sometime if not utd. You may get some stick but that happens every season.Go for it Mason, Watch this space !!

  3. Am a united fun for 30 years now why do you want to disappoint us by chasing our greenwood who is young innocent talented player who will still help us in long term

  4. Why does the law take so long 16 months what a wast of time hope to see you back in a red shirt of united

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