Tottenham search for a new manager could soon be over as preferred candidate named

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It was threatening to be the story of the summer, but it appears that Tottenham Hotspur are edging towards finally appointing their new manager.

The north Londoners have been in disarray since Antonio Conte threw his toys out of the pram and left for Italy, and director of football, Fabio Paratici, was banned from all football activities because of financial irregularities at Juventus.

Ryan Mason stepped in to steady the ship as interim first-team manager, but it was obvious he was never going to be handed the gig full time.

It was believed that Arne Slot was the man that might take the White Hart Lane hot-seat, only for the Dutchman to sign a new deal with Eredivisie champions, Feyenoord.

Chairman, Daniel Levy, couldn’t afford to allow another situation similar to that which happened with Nuno Espirito Santo occur again, so he deserves plaudits for holding back until the right candidate came along rather than bowing to supporter pressure to get someone, anyone in through the door.

According to Sky Sports, Celtic manager, Ange Postecoglou, has been named as the preferred candidate, though nothing will be discussed or decided until after Celtic have played in this weekend’s Scottish Cup Final.

Already having bagged the League Cup and the Scottish Premiership, Postecoglou goes into the match knowing that he’s 90 minutes away from a treble.

Should he do so and effectively complete Scottish football, a new challenge might be just what he’s looking for.

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    1. Proves what youSpurs fans know about football, a load of Celtic fans were of the same opinion but were too lazy to look at his football knowledge and who highly regard him as a great manager , none other than Pep Guardiola whom he models his football set up on. As Celtic are part of the Same Man City group. he has won leagues in all the countries he’s played in and also took Australia to the con caf cup. His knowledge of the Asian markets is second to none from which one of your best players hails from Son and he won’t be swayed by big names or press or fan intrusion in his selections to who will be able to play in his attacking style. He has achieved this with next to no money so imagine having the riches of the Premiership to play with??. What has all the big names you have had in the past few seasons done for you? exactly NOTHING , Don’t knock what you don’t know about. Ignorance is not Bliss. As for Scotland being a two horse league you’ve only had 7 different teams since the premiership started win it it , out of 50 clubs who have played in it, and over the last 6 seasons only two have won it Liverpool once and Man City who have won it now 5 times out of the last 6 years so don’t talk to us about a two horse race, yours is now a one horse race.

      1. Two words. Brendan Rogers, eclipsed everything Ange has done at Celtic only to flop massively again in the premier league.

        Not saying it’s a given he’ll fail but neither is winning in premier league after completeing trebles in Scotland.

        It just does not convert that way. Any other club and I’d wish him good luck regardless, at Spurs I hope he fails miserably.

  1. What a load of rubbish, Levy is starting to get desperate, Nagelsmann already turned Levy down along with Kompany who Levy also wanted. Levy’s been waiting to see who might show an interest in coming before saying they are the prefered candidate, he can’t afford to be ridiculed any further, he has his back firmly against the wall as it is.

    Levy, Lewis & ENIC OUT

    1. 💯 while they’re in charge nothing will ever change. Levy said the geezer from Wolves was the ideal candidate, then sacked him because he didn’t like the style of football 🙄 He’s absolutely clueless!

  2. Utter rubbish that Levy is considering the fans in this process. We have known since January that Conté was either going or would be pushed and yet it appears Levy and his idiots have not made ANY plans to mitigate the situation we are in from Jan onwards. Since then they have been going around like headless chickens being rejected left right and centre cos Levy is a busted flush. GET Levy and ENIC out

  3. As others have pointed out, Levy hasn’t got a clue who the next manager will be, let alone have a preferred candidate. He has made the manager’s job a poisoned chalice, no one wants to take it and ruin their reputation. He is the one solely responsible for this situation.

    Levy out, ENIC out

  4. Any second rate manager would be able to win the Scottish premiership and cup final if they were at Celtic, or Rangers for that matter, as they are the only teams in Scotland who win anything anyway. This is obviously just what Spurs need, a manager with no premiership experience, or anything like the complexities of the premiership. Levy is hopeless.

  5. How Thick skinned can a man be not to realise he knows nothing about football. The fans have spoken time to go.

  6. This is a cock-up frankly, a complete shambles and it has Levy’s fingerprints all over it and he is getting increasingly desperate. Rejected by all the top candidates and then capped off by Poch, who was never approached, getting the Chelsea job. Sheer and utter incompetence.

    Postecoglou has no experience in any of the top 5 European leagues, which will dovetail in very nicely with our new Aussie Director of Football, who also has no experience in Europe’s top leagues and whose background is in Australian Rugby League!

    A potential Postecoglou hire has ‘bust’ written all over it. Nuno Mark 2, but this time with no back-up plan! Nothing will change until we drive these profiteering parasites out of our club. Levy the highest paid CEO in the Premier League, it beggars belief! ENIC out!

  7. LEVY is clutching at straws. A second rate manager for a second rate and skinflint chairman. This is going to end in tears, sackings and chaos as all Levys recent decisions have. I could do a good job managing Celtic in a SPL 2 horse race. The prem though is a different prospect though…… But hay! Who the hell would want to work with our chairman and board.

    1. How many teams have won your league since it was formed I’ll tell you 7 teams out of the whole lot 🤡

    2. Nonsense mate. Spurs being a london club doesn’t make them a big one. The ridiculous amounts of money washing around in english football is all that is keeping them out of the bottom half of the league

  8. Get out get out you know for years you have been pulling the wool over our eyes our great manager Pochetino got you out of jail for years and now we have had enough you are primarily in charge of all recruitments so the buck stops with you what was the point in high profile managers when you had no intention of supporting them it was all to save your kneck you spineless chairman who’s lied to us for too long get out

  9. I couldn’t agree more with all the previous comments and find it laughable that this article should offer any kind of praise for Levy. He has driven previously successful managers out of the club largely through his constant interference in transfer business that can only be described as calamitous. Sanchez, Lo Celso, Ndombele and Richarlison have all been big money failures while his penny pinching tactics killed potential deals for Grealish and Bruno Fernandez. No up and coming manager in their right mind would want to be held accountable for results when they have little say on recruitment so we are inevitably going to end up with a retread yes man just looking for a big pay day. I expect to see rumors of Big Sam being on the shortlist any moment now.

  10. I entirely agree with the comments made above about Levy and his so called Board of Directors. They haven’t got a clue about football. They should leave it to the manager and Director of Football if they can find some decent candidates. I rather fancy Luis Enrique for the manager although he has no premier league experience, but he has won plenty of trophies and was very successful with Barcelona and the Spanish World Cup team apart from last December in Dubai.
    I think Postegoglou will stay with Celtic.

  11. Poor choice only one way to stop this crap and it’s boycotting everything spurs while 50 odd thousand fans keep turning up lining levy n Lewis pockets it won’t change we’re a sporting/entertainment hub now n it’s what levy wanted from the get go football is 5 th choice at spurs just like the signing we go for fans need to wake up it’s us that can stop the but singing levy our won’t work n will never work it’s that simple boycott hit them hard in pocket n watch them either sell or they will stop treating the club like there own piggy bank taking 20 mil bonuses like it’s nothing but will skimp at paying 35 mil for hazard years ago just wake the hell up

  12. I would prefer not take the job and wait for a more stable environment. Spurs are a basket case as long as Levy is in charge

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