Man United set to make controversial decision on Mason Greenwood’s future

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With the 2022/23 Premier League season finally out of the way for Manchester United, the club can set about making their decisions on first-team players ahead of the new campaign, and that includes for Mason Greenwood – who hasn’t laced up for the Red Devils in 18 months.

After a delicate personal issue was resolved, Greenwood has waited patiently in the background awaiting news from his club as to what they intend to do about his contract with them.

Whichever way Erik ten Hag and the board turn they are bound to court controversy, simply because of the nature of Greenwood’s alleged off-field misdemeanours.

However, they do still need to make a decision and the sooner that they do so the better.

Mason Greenwood

According to the Daily Mail, that decision might not be too far away, with the outlet suggesting that a loan deal to a team in either Spain, Italy or Turkey might be the most appropriate way forward.

Given that someone is innocent until proven guilty and Greenwood was never found guilty in a court of law, there’s a school of thought that he should just be allowed to get on with his career regardless.

Were Man United to take that line there would be undoubted harm to their brand so, perhaps, loaning the player for a season to see how the land lies at the end of 2023/24 might be the way for them to go.

For those who believe the player should just have his contract cancelled, any notion of a loan move will be controversial, but frankly, Man United are damned whichever decision they make.

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  1. ‘Man United are damned whichever decision they make.” – by who? By now I believe most supporters are sympathetic towards the boy.Him & the alleged victim have since reconciled & moved on but the club still hasn’t.what irony!!!

  2. Think the boy has been punished enough now by the club now. Playing Judge Jury and executioner. If we’re lead to believe the rumour mill. The ladies team are going to have their say next!!! As if he’s a threat to any of them….

  3. Why would you let him play for us knowing the harm to the dynamics of the team it would cause , the backlash from away supporters the sponsors ect . Sell him and let’s move on from this saga . I couldn’t watch the team I have supported 50 odd years with this boy playing . He wasn’t found guilty but he wasn’t found innocent either . Most disturbing thing I’ve listened to . Not fit to wear the shirt !!!

    1. He doesn’t need to be found innocent, he is innocent until proven guilty, it’s how our judicial system works.

  4. “ Alleged “ and by the law NO case to prove, CPS threw it in the dust bin. He has endured enough.

  5. You said “no one thought it was possible” what did you mean to attract the readers attention right?

  6. Didn’t they toss the case over no evidence??
    We’re in an environment where allegations against men are taken more seriously than the actual suffering of men falsely accused, even when there is no record or evidence of wrongdoing.
    They don’t even need the justice system to ruin your life. They decide before a court ever gets involved. Very scary times.

  7. The boy has been punished enough simply because he is not white. Yet no case was even prosecuted. How else would he ever prove his innocence

  8. Time is a great healer and the responsible way the club have acted and indeed the player since the incident means most of the fans want him back and playing.
    Those who jump on their soap boxes have their own agendas and are forgetting as always to take account of the two (soon to be three) people directly affected. Let us all move on, enough has been gained from the individuals experuence to satisfy all.

  9. Put him in the squad he’ll get a bit of stick to start with but it might do him some good ( look at Beckham). And if he scores goals the United fans will back him all the way

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