Jamie Carragher sends savage put down Rio Ferdinand’s way as Twitter spat continues

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Former Liverpool and Man United stars, Jamie Carragher and Rio Ferdinand, have become embroiled in a war of words on Twitter, with the former delivering a savage blow to the latter.

There’s clearly no love lost between the ex-centre-backs, who not only played on opposite sides of a footballing divide, but now work for opposing broadcasters.

Neither is backwards in coming forwards with strong opinions, and if one was going to call out the other on matters arising, as Ferdinand did regarding Steven Gerrard’s recent move to Saudi Arabia, it was always going to elicit a response from Carra.

Ferdinand appeared rattled that Carragher, whom he believed to be a vocal dissenter to the aggressive way in which the Saudi Pro League clubs were hoovering up European football talent, hadn’t been as hard on his former team-mate, Gerrard, for making the move.

In fact, Ferdinand noted that he hadn’t heard a peep out of Carragher in that regard.

It didn’t take long for Carra to bite, and when the response came it was a savage put down, trolling Ferdinand for his refusal to work on Match of the Day because it may have meant criticising his Qatari paymasters at the World Cup.

With neither backing down, this is a spat that could well run and run.

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