Exclusive: Women in football is good but TNT Sports have taken it too far

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It’s great that football has moved on to such an extent now that either seeing women as part of a TV broadcast team for the Premier League or Champions League, or hearing them commentating on a men’s game, is considered normal.

There was a time, not too long ago it must be said, when the thought of having women being front and centre in the men’s game would be considered as a big no-no.

Given how consummately professional and knowledgeable the likes of Laura Woods and Alex Scott et al are, you have to question those that still believe a woman’s place isn’t in the still male-dominated world of elite football.

Former super agent, Jon Smith, is delighted by the strides being made by the fairer sex, although he has got some fairly strong words for the new kids on the block, TNT Sports.

TNT Sports

‘If a female manager/coach is good, and she’d have to be to flourish in the men’s game, then I think it’s great that they are being considered for roles that are traditionally male dominated. From a marketing standpoint too I think it’s great that women are in all aspects of the game now. I think it speaks volumes,’ he wrote in his exclusive CaughtOffside column.

‘Do you remember a programme that was on ITV in 1989, The Manageress I think it was called starring Cherie Lunghi. We used that for promotional stuff at the time and although that was fictional, the idea that a woman was infiltrating the men’s game was about way back then. It was already out there.

‘When they started putting women on all the match day events on Sky and BT I thought really, is this just another box ticking exercise, but most of them are really good and they know what they’re talking about. Why wouldn’t they? 

‘I think it’s worked and the sex barriers are definitely coming down but TNT Sports having an all women presenting team is too much. I know that minorities have to fight but having a completely female crew isn’t balanced. 

‘Personally I have a problem when it just goes too far – and TNT have done that in my opinion.’ 

Smith’s view’s on TNT Sports might itself be considered antiquated but as he says, it is important to get the right balance.

If there is to be a ‘softening’ from broadcasters in terms of having an equal playing field and handing jobs to those best qualified regardless of sex, then there does also need to be a point where someone realises that they can’t go too far the other way.

The last thing that the channel would want is subscribers turning off in their droves because they feel TNT Sports are just ticking boxes.

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