Wolves in chaos as Lopetegui set to leave on the eve of the new Premier League season

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It’s only been nine months since former Spain and Real Madrid coach, Julen Lopetegui, surprisingly took the reins at Wolverhampton Wanderers, but his love affair with the Black Country could soon be over if reports are correct.

Wolves don’t start their 2023/24 Premier League campaign until a week on Monday, their match away at Man United being the final one of the opening weekend of the new season.

By that point they may well have a new manager in charge, as the Daily Mirror suggest that Lopetegui could walk away from the club because of their ongoing issues with Financial Fair Play, and lack of transfer activity as a result.

FFP certainly brings into sharper focus the way in which clubs conduct their transfer business, and one can see immediately just how well their club’s board are performing by that metric alone.

For Wolves, the outcome could be catastrophic.

Everything that the players will have been working towards during pre-season will be completely undone if Lopetegui decides to follow his instinct and leave the club.

No one in their right mind would want to be parachuted into a club days before a new season begins and with no hope whatsoever of making any new signings to change the team dynamic.

As it stands, Wolves have lost two of their best players in Raul Jimenez and Ruben Neves, and haven’t replaced them.

A long, hard season surely beckons if nothing changes over the course of the next 7-10 days.

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  1. Another absolute load of tosh dribbled up by that spanish idiot during his interview where he just asked the same question over and over again to stir the pot and create a headline…well he got his wish with the headlines but I don’t think Lop will go anywhere.

  2. Not a Wolves fan but I like to see all Midlands clubs doing well, so hopefully they can make a couple of good signings and get the manager situation sorted asap

    1. The thing is, all these headlines have come from one interview where that spanish bloke just asked the same question, over and over again every question was about transfer policy etc etc. He did this to stir the pot, cause some instability and create headlines… It was poor journalism, go find the interview on youtube and listen to it, you can hardly hear what’s going on..

    2. All the midlands clubs doing well you have a short memory Leicester got relegated derby still in division 3 or league 1 however you look at it hardly all midlands clubs doing well 🙄

  3. JLo will walk if only to maintain his reputation. He cannot be seen to be the manager of a club who have got into a mess of their own doing. Wolves were very lucky to get him on board in the first place but not to come clean and explain their finacial situation to him was underhanded and typical chinese. Now they are going to lose face anyway.

  4. Wolves are a well managed club that respects the FFP constraints imposed. Other clubs continue to float these requirements and continue their merry way in over spending on transfers. They anticipate that the Premier League will never impose points reductions and have employed many delaying tactics to escape the punishment that should have been imposed by the league. The head coach is not leaving.

    1. Wolves aint gonna be signing 4 or 5 thats the reason the manager aint happy but he already spent around 60 million in january probably more than he had to spend at sevilla.Be lucky to see 1 or 2 through the door if we do theyll be ageing cheap options

  5. While all this is going on to destabilise the club that are trying to do the right thing by showing a profit cheating Everton and Man. City continue to spend and sign players. Everton, in particular, have shown a loss of over £504million pound and are still signing. Don’t know how the 3 teams that got relegated last season feel about Everton but they must be due a large points deduction. At least we should be safe from that!!

  6. Jeff Shi should be the one to go, he’s shown time and time again that he knows nothing about football with his paying over the odds for players no one else are looking at or players who have not achieved regular first team when he pays inflated prices. Shi’s responsible for what’s happening now,

    1. I totally agree I have been saying this for months but have been constantly shouted down. Shi’s recent statement does nothing to stabilise the club and blames FFP and Covid at not his own ineptitude and lack of football knowledge. He has sacked the few who found him out to be a liar and bull*+

  7. well said steve,how can these clubs do this,season ticket holder in billy wright,could you blame lop for walking though? hes been told lies by the club,plus sales are out of his hands,i do hope he does not walk, the one to walk should be without doubt is shi

  8. Julen needs to come clean and pdq for the sake of the squad.
    Give a statement and be done with it.

  9. Who knows what Lop will do. I hope he stays because the Fan base deserve better. Shi has let the club down since promotion due to Fosun Mendes relationship This team is good to compete in the premiership give them a chance and show you have confidence in them.

  10. Wolves are a average size premier league club but have spent like a top six club now they will pay the price as Leeds derby Portsmouth Bolton ext have done before them

    1. He signed 4 players already in january window one at a cost of £40 million as well as craig dawson and mario lamina if my memory serves me well dont think he had zillions to spend at sevilla..wolves have spent over 200 million last couple of windows

  11. Wolves are a average size premier league club but have spent like a ton six now they will pay the price as Portsmouth derby Leeds ect did before them

  12. I thought Gary O’Neil would wait for a bigger club bit of a step down after managing Bournemouth

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