PIF want to end the transfer window by signing £930k-a-week playmaker for Newcastle

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Things have been fairly reserved in the summer transfer window as far as Newcastle are concerned, but they could be about to make an incredible marquee signing that will have the rest of Europe sitting up and taking notice.

The Magpies have been brilliant since PIF (Saudi Public Investment Fund) took over and appointed Eddie Howe, a decision that’s looking more and more inspired as the months go on.

Newcastle are playing attractive football that’s reminiscent of the Kevin Keegan halcyon days in the 1990s, and St. James’ Park is bouncing at every home game.

In many respects, on and off the pitch, the club are going from strength to strength, but at some point they’ll need to step up a level again.

If they want to consistently stand side by side with England and European football’s greatest teams, then world class signings are a must.

According to transfer expert, Dean Jones, one such signing could be made at the back end of the current window too.

Neymar currently earns in the region of €1.08m per week (Capology), which equates to £930,000. That’s an immense outlay, but the Brazilian would certainly take things up a notch.

Even if he’s not the sort of player that Eddie Howe would necessarily want, PIF’s intentions would be crystal clear with Neymar’s hire.

“Newcastle were heavily linked previously and with the PIF ownership it is one of those marquee ideas they would love to come to light,” he said to Give Me Sport.

“Does Eddie Howe want him? I’m not so sure he would see it as the perfect time to be bringing a personality like that into the dressing room and potentially rocking the team balance but at the end of the day this is one of the best players in the world so he’s not really going to be able to say he doesn’t want him if PIF find a way to make it happen.

“Of course the chances here are still slim, but there are very few clubs that could even entertain the idea.”

With a few weeks left of the window, you can never say never in football.

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  1. Transfer expert Dean Jones! He knows no more about Newcastle targets than the man in the street – ridiculous to think we’d sign Neymar. Disruptive player on crazy money.

    1. agreed.. every man and his dog has an opinion on who we should sign, and they’re usually as wrong and frankly ridiculous as this take from Dean Jones (who?)…

      The management have a plan in place, it’s working so far, and why would we disrupt the dressing room and cohesive and united team we have with Prima Donna FM23 signings?

      1. That would surely blow the financial fair play scenario right out of the water and disrupt the dressing room like Ronaldo did at Man U.

    2. It seems that these so-called journalists just make things up out of thin air. How in the world do they continue to stay employed?

  2. What utter garbage. That’s another site added to the list of crap clickbait sites to boycott!

  3. Journalism in it’s laziest form. We could all just sit in our bedrooms typing up rubbish like this. Only Dean gets paid for it. His levels of respectability are at an all time low!

    1. Don’t know how he can look at himself in the mirror writing utter garbage like that. Respectable journalists must look at these clowns polluting their profession and hang their heads in despair.

  4. I’d stop supporting the Toon or rather the PIF. Obscene amount of money and a signing that wouldn’t go down well with the fans.
    Too old, has a tendency to play in banana boots and not a player that suits Eddie’s style of play.
    Definite Click bait, to which I wish the media should give Newcastle fans more respect.

  5. Having spent the money on Gordon and Barnes who both play in his position, it doesnt make sense. But, there is logic in this which the other comments are clearly ignoring.
    Our quick success means we need to quickly raise our profile and income. Whilst he may not best suited, Neymar would bring his own fan base resulting in increased shirt sales etc etc. Bigger sponsors can be attracted etc etc. I remember, I think it was Beckham to Madrid, had covered the cost of his transfer in shirts sales alone in the first season. We need that to push on. It’s still BS but there is logic to it.

  6. Jimmals it’d an extremely expensive publicity stunt, but there is reasoning to your comment. Financial implications from shirt sales and sponsors are just two of the benefits. Also, other players are gonna want to come here to play with the likes of Neemore (did you see what I did there?)
    The disadvantage we have, and this is fact even though I’ll be hated for it….Eddie is a fabulous coach and great man manager….but is he a name big enough to bring in big name players? I mean…if you offer a player two similar deals….but you have Pep or Tractor teeth klippity Klopp or Eddie Howe…lots of players will go for the name Manager. Its the same as players….if a team has Billy Whitehurst as a number 9 or Neymar as a number 9….then the player is gonna go with the name?
    There is reasoning there.

  7. With Neymar being already one of the best in the world, just imagine what Eddie could get out of him and how he could improve him further. That’s scary if nothing else. I would love it and let the shirt sales and publicity pay his salary. It worked with Ronaldo and Manure and Tindall would whip him into behaving.

    1. then bring Messi which should be a lot cheaper if thinking about selling shirts. Neymar too expensive and “too rolling around with the slightest touch” which is an embarrassment.

  8. Newmarket would be a big mistake. He’s disruptive and past his prime. Now Victor Osihmen would be a much better target.

  9. No thank you. He does not fit the mentality and spirit of Eddie Howe’s Magpies. I think Sunderland is looking for a striker.

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