Manchester United decision casts major doubt on Mason Greenwood future

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Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood has been left out of the club’s provisional squad number list for the upcoming season.

According to reports, the 21-year-old striker was not included on the squad list for the new season and he remains suspended by the Premier League club since January 2022.

The 21-year-old was arrested after being charged with assault and controlling behaviour but those charges were dropped in February.

Manchester United are now expected to make a concrete decision on his future soon.

The player could have his contract terminated if the Red Devils feel that he is not fit to represent the club once again.

Alternatively, they could look to let him leave the club on a permanent or temporary transfer as well.

Greenwood has not played professional football for over a year now and he will need time to regain his form and sharpness. He was regarded as one of the best young attacking prospects in English football when he broke through to the first-team scene at Old Trafford.

It will be interesting to see if he can get his Manchester United career back on track.

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  1. He hasn’t been found guilty of anything just because someone wants to get revenge for something or other is being penalised.get him back into playing football he has gone through enough.

  2. As with everything involving the Glazers, no decision and dragging things on and on. There was no case, he is still with the same woman and he wants to play for us. It is cruel behaviour. Make your decision already.

  3. Nope. Don’t want him playing for Utd again. Saw the pictures, heard the audio, just because the prosecution was dropped doesn’t change anything. He still did and said what he did.

  4. I agree with you Gordon, I can think of a player that was found guilty, served his sentence and is now back playing pretty good Professional football, so someone who has had the charges dropped should be back in training or on loan to get his fitness back. As a Man U supporter for over 40 years I will be very disappointed if they get rid of him or force him out.

  5. Totally agree with you 💯% this is absolutely unacceptable the way he’s being treated he’s been cleared of any wrong doing case closed

  6. Were u there for you to be hell bent on it. Isnt the so called girl the same that’s just given birth to his child. If she is back with him that shoukd tell u something unless u are just a hater of young wealth black man

  7. How much longer do you need to put this lad through a miserable life, I can’t believe how you can treat people in this way dangling on a string for god sake leave him alone and let him do what he likes best playing the game he loves, what a disgusting way to treat someone.

  8. Not a Man U fan but I do fell for this kid bring him back already or just let him into a new team the chargers were dropped

  9. Manchester let the poor boy breathe, if he can’t be included in this season, then let him go, you don’t need his services, then why delaying him??
    Come on green,keep your head up.
    For this too shall pass🤞

  10. Let him play God says we should forgive and forget he is a good player that we need there

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