Famous Man United fan says she’ll stop supporting the club if Mason Greenwood returns

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TV presenter Rachel Riley has declared that she will turn her back on he beloved Manchester United if they welcome Mason Greenwood back to the team over the coming weeks. 

The Manchester club released a statement this week declaring that they have yet to make a decision over the 21-year-old after The Athletic reported that CEO, Richard Arnold, told the club’s executive leadership in the first week of August that United were planning to bring back Greenwood.

As part of that plan for forward’s reintegration with the men’s first team, Arnold intended to record a video explaining the decision that would be shared both with staff and the general public – which was supposed to be released on Friday, August 4.

However, United did not proceed with the announcement and, 13 days on, they are still to communicate any decision publicly, meaning elements of the plan could still change.

The 21-year-old has not played for the Premier League giants since his arrest in January 2022 for attempted rape, assault and coercive control; and if he returns, Rachel Riley, who is a huge fan of the Manchester club, says she will stop supporting the Red Devils.

Mason Greenwood is yet to return to Man United action

TV presenter Rachel Riley on Mason Greenwood’s return

Manchester United’s women’s side have voiced their concerns about Greenwood returning to the club’s Carrington training ground before their clash with Wolves on Monday and now they have an ally in Riley.

The outspoken Red Devils fan tweeted to her 684,000 followers on Thursday saying: “I won’t be able to support United if Greenwood remains at the club.

“As an example, when it comes to VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls), less than 1 per cent of rapes reported to police lead to conviction.

“We’ve all seen and heard enough. Pretending this is ok would be a huge part of the problem.

“It would be devastating for my club to contribute to a culture that brushes this under the carpet and send a message to perpetrators everywhere that you can continue to act as you wish with no consequences.

“I really hope they do the right thing.”

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  1. Let her go to hell!! How many times has she blundered and gotten away with it? After all Man Utd has Millions of fans!

  2. Who cares what she thinks, she’s not the only one opposing it, I’m sure there’s an ethnic replacement for her membership.

    1. So you’re happy to have Greenwood back? As a Bristol City fan I wouldn’t care how much it cost our club financially, I would want them to do the right thing morally. The recording is horrible to listen to and then there’s the photos. If this was a player at Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea or Man City. I’m fairly sure all of You Man Utd would be up in arms about any of the clubs considering keeping any player in question.

    2. I think United will care what she thinks, because she’s a voice for the majority of the female United fans, maybe 🙄

  3. I’m sick and tired of how people can be this hypocritical. The young man have been cleared of all wrong, what is it with people acting as if Mason Greenwood is the worst person on earth. Well, let him who is without sin be first to cast a stone. Well if you want to stop supporting the club you claim you love, then go ahead, people like you makes things difficult for others.

  4. Riley really needs to stop flapping her lips and pull her head in here. At the end of the day the charges greenwood faced have been dropped for whatever reason and he has not been found guilty by a court of law.

  5. I am a season ticket holder of nearly twenty years. The tape is there for everyone to listen to. Nobody, not even the defence solicitors, has tried to deny it is a true recording of what happened that night. How anyone could be happy to have him back after listening to it is beyond me.

  6. Mason Greenwood has had his trial quashed lack of evidence, and if he had raped her why the hell has she took him back and got pregnant everyone deserves a second chance .

  7. Everyone has the right to an opinion and if Rachel riley decides to leave if Greenwood returns then so be it,I’m pretty sure she speaks for a lot of women who have been used and abused by their partners its totally wrong to condemn her for what she believes in.Some of these overpaid footballers think they’re gods and they can have who ever they want good for Rachel I say ,it’s been going on for sometime now,Which makes you wonder why they would let him play again for united.Anyway only time will tell.

  8. Greenwood had been cleared, what’s her problem now? The squad needs him, I think it’s better to lose that lady and her followers than to lose Greenwood

  9. Her prawn sandwich will taste just as good from home.
    No way am I condoning what Mason Greenwood has done but who is she to say whether he works or not.

  10. I don’t understand why people think that they are God we all have done things in our lifetime but who is she to judge Mason Greenwood we are all going to be judge one day when we leave this earth but if someone has to be forgiven for his actions or for whatever he or she has done for who are we to see the splint in someone’s eye forgetting bulk in our own eye if he has done the things that people are going on about why don’t she speak to him herself and tell him how she feels about what he has done so that she can get clarity and not hate him for he is a good player that can still be of value for United

  11. These supporters sicken me 🤬🤬🤬 he didn’t get sent down because the women dropped the charges & not because he was found not guilty. He is still a rapist, & for all you supporters that would have him back are worse as him. Imagine he did that to your sister, mother or auntie would you still want him back?? He’s a piece of trash

    1. Are you aware of the facts of these allegations? The woman who made these allegations, which was investigated by the police, is the same woman who now has a baby with him. That means for the duration of this investivation they never stopped seeing each other. I’m going to assume that you saw what she posted on social media. Did you notice he was never charged with assault, despite the picture she posted with what seemded like blood running down her mouth? The audio clip she released doesn’t have him raping her, instead he is demanding they have sex. He hets charged with attempted rape for this. That tells us they never had intercourse on this occasion. Though theyf sure did again down the line. Social media labeled him a ralist and woman beater based on her posts, which were never proven before a court of law. She is now his baby momma. Lets see this for what it is, a young woman and man who are very immature and made bad choices.. They are now back together while the rest of is are squabbling over their lives. Our family has lost someone to rape and abuse, so i don’t take this topic lightly, nor should anyone else. Many women dont get to go on with their lives after they are found dead. Some who survive never get back on track. My personal opinion is that this woman wanted to teach Mason a lesson for whatever reason and cried wolf in order to do so. Its my opinion. Rape and Assault are serious issues our society faces and should be taken seriously from both sides.

  12. So MUFC fans, morality goes away when it suits you right?l
    Those who ‘claimed’ (in quotes as you only believe it’s just a claim) to be raped were brave enough to admit they were sexually abused by him. Rachel is trying to stand up against this and in support of those sexually abused and all I see in comments is verbal abuse. If you don’t understand why she’s taking such a ‘drastic’ action, morality is not on your side! It’s as simple as that

  13. Hmm it’s a privilege to play for Man U and to play professional football he don’t deserve that privilege he has a tarnished character some thing are more than football you think it leave a good impression on club letting people like him play as long as he scores goals shame on you it’s about moral judgement you guy forget he got released from England camp for being disruptive talking girls back to his room while having a partner nice guy

  14. Per Rachel, she nearly wet herself with excitement when she found herself in the same club as Ronaldo, and this was years after he was accused of rape. Hmmm. She didn’t threaten to end her support of United after Ronaldo arrived and this was years after he was accused of rape.Huh! There was no hint of chucking away her United shirt after Maguire was found guilty of physically assaulting Greek policemen and attempted bribery and United’s decision to welcome him back with open arms and keep him as their captain. No chance!
    Bye Rachel. Bye!

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