England Lionessess prepared to go on strike to build pressure on FA

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England women team could go on strike as they build pressure on FA for increased compensation following their runner-up finish in the Women’s World Cup in Australia.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, players are scheduled to hold crucial discussions with the FA in the coming week, and if the offered terms do not meet their expectations, they are “prepared to strike”.

As per the report, the Lionesses aim to give the FA an opportunity to resolve the matter amicably but would consider more drastic actions, such as suspending all commercial activities and possibly refusing to participate in matches, if their demands are not met.

Reportedly, the players had initially intended to request £100,000 per player had they won the World Cup but are willing to accept £50,000 per player as runners-up.

The talks will reportedly also focus on clarity over the pay going forward as well as the players’ demands of a share of the FA’s commercial deals.

Furthermore, the report adds that they also seek the freedom to secure their individual commercial deals, something they have previously lost out on due to restrictions imposed by the FA.

The Lionesses enjoyed a remarkable World Cup campaign, winning every game en route to the final, where they narrowly lost to Spain.


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  1. Sack them, then start again. You work hard, represent your country, then threaten strike action if you don’t get a bonus for falling short.

    Good to see the women are following the men in being overpaid prima donna’s

    1. Wow really???? How far did the men go in the world cup? (,Not that far) and yet the women came 2nd place at the world cup and it was the women’s England team that bought home the European cup. Women deserve equal pay to the men and I would support the strike IF it happens. Let’s face it the women know how to play football better than the men!!

      1. I’m not saying that equal pay shouldn’t be a thing within football I whole heartedly agree that it should but there is a massive contrast in revenue between the men’s and womens games currently mens football generates over 5 billion a year where as the women’s game comes no way near that turnover so within the men’s game the clubs are able to afford these crazy wages where as in the women’s football leagues they can’t afford it. See it as applying for 2 jobs one company could pay you a mega wage and another alot lower fir the same job. I do hope women’s football catches up and generates the same amount of revenue as the men’s game but currently this is just not the case so what are you to do 🤷

      2. I don’t think you understand how monetary distribution works in football.
        They get paid more than League 2 Men’s players and they would easily beat the best England women’s side.
        The money is fair because they don’t bring in the same audience or money that the men’s game produces. It’s laughable

      3. Please you can’t be that stupid where’s the money coming from to pay them the same lol women’s World Cup 300 million mens World Cup 6 billion men take 7 percent of the prize pool women take 20 percent so tell me if that’s equal for the men ?

        1. Also men’s team donate their bonus and appearance money to charity so i take the women national team will follow suite.

      4. Woman’s football revenue £32m men’s football revenue £4.5 billion both for the 2021/2022 years

        Kevin De Bruyne signed a 5 year / £104,000,000 contract with the Manchester City F.C., including an annual average salary of £20,800,000. In 2023, De Bruyne will earn a base salary of £20,800,000, while carrying a cap hit of £20,800,000.

        Now look at that and the fact revenue in womans Football is only 32 million howon earth is it possible to pay them the same as the men. When revenue goes up so will the wages but at present paying them same as the men is not possible.

  2. Just like when the woman got equal pay but didn’t want the same retirement age then when they have too they complain saying the missed out of retirement at 60 now its 66 but they don’t say if they would have retired at 60 they would have been on the old pension scheme about £50 per week less then the new one then are on now

    1. That is not the reason women were complaining about retirement age. The reason for it was because thousands of women were not informed of the retirement age change. Me being one of them.

    1. You clearly are not a business man. Do get real fans supply the money for football. The average attendance for top female games in Britain is 5000. They are not worth big money. See highlights Arsenal ladies v Paris ladies. Many, many more empty seats than full. The lioness came second in the World Cup, big deal who remembers who came second anyway. Let them strike who cares there not worth the money.

  3. Are we really considering not paying these awesome lionesses…they were brave, tenacious, creative, and so frigging close to winning it. What message is the FA putting out there when men get paid x and women are paid an arguably I’d say 1-5% in comparison.
    Whoever arranged the commercials to air the football should be considering how they haven’t looked after the players in the process, albeit it may not have been sky type deals it was most certainly aired by millions on a regular basis and the woman have commercial pull power. The shoe should be a argument who is going to gain the rights to air next euro/world cups and how much money is going to exchange to air such a prestigious proposition and if you PAY then you can.
    That’s how big the last World Cup was IMHO.
    FA – Man up, see commercial sense and look after your key assets….do not make them feel unloved, unwanted and forced to strike….that action will lose so much momentum on what is absolutely immense.

    Just my opinion but it’s the right one 😂

    If you’re looking for someone to get the best deal in place then never done it but I’m pretty sure I’d look after the commercials by forecasting the immense growth and putting it into a statically rewarding financial solution for all parties…FA, Sky, BT, VIRGIN and a life changing pass through figure to the ladies.

    £50 is just laughable. They should be getting 5x that

    1. Because men pay to watch men’s football. Women don’t want to watch women’s football and don’t want to pay for it, don’t come to the stadiums that’s why men get more money, simple

  4. Until the football they play is worth watching and they get the same crowds as the mens teams do then they aren’t worth paying get over it many local teams on a Saturday are every bit as good but play for free.

  5. I’m all for ladies football and thoroughly enjoyed watching the lionesses in this tournament but playing for your country should be a privilege, I believe the men’s team receive £1500 to £2000 per appearance for the national team but donate these fees to charities

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