“Totally unacceptable” – Harry Maguire’s mother takes to social media with heartfelt post defending her son after latest abuse

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Man United and England star Harry Maguire is going through a very tough period in his career at present and the latest abuse the defender has received has prompted his mother to come to his defence on social media. 

A lot of the abuse Maguire has received over the last two years can be seen as nothing less than disgraceful, especially when some of it comes from his own fans who are supposed to help carry him through difficult periods.

However, the latest came from Scotland fans, who singled out the Man United star during their recent friendly with England. The 30-year-old came off the bench as a half-time substitute during Tuesday’s 3-1 friendly win in Glasgow, where the centre-back scored an unfortunate own goal when he inadvertently turned an Andy Robertson cross into his own net.

Maguire received sarcastic mocking from home fans every time he touched the ball at Hampden Park and it prompted Gareth Southgate to defend his player after the clash; labelling the abuse he receives from fans and pundits, particularly on social media, as “ridiculous” and “an absolute joke” and insisting it was like “beyond anything I’ve ever seen”.

Now the player’s mother, Zoe Maguire, has taken to Instagram to passionately defend her son, insisting the criticism has gone far beyond football.

Harry Maguire is going through a tough period at present 

Harry Maguire’s mother labels son’s abuse “disgraceful” and “totally unacceptable”

Maguire’s mother took to Instagram to defend her son and wrote a lengthy price which stated via the Evening Standard: “As a mum seeing the level of negative and abusive comments in which my son is receiving from some fans, pundits and the media is disgraceful and totally unacceptable to any walk of life never mind someone who works his socks off for club and country. I was there in the stand as usual, it’s not acceptable what’s been created, over nothing.

“For me seeing him go through what he’s going through is not ok. I would hate to have to see any other parents or players go through this in the future, especially the young boys and girls breaking through the ranks today.”

She added: “Harry has a massive heart and it’s a good job he’s mentally strong and can handle it as others may not be able to. I wish this sort of abuse on nobody.”

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  1. If as it says Maguire is going through a difficult period why is Southgate continually picking him . Southgate said himself he would pick players that are playing extremely well for their clubs which Maguire clearly isn’t. Very bad management to put a player in such a position when he’s obviously struggling.

  2. Gareth Southgate should be blamed for the abuse Macguire is getting. Why does he inisist on picking him ahead of other players even if he is not playing fulltime at club level or even performing at club level. Why expose the player like that, this is football, the pundits, media and fans alike will take him to the cleaners.

  3. Surely Maguire has something on Southgate, if not, how do one explain his continual inclusion in the England set-up when clearly he isn’t at the top of his game.
    The advent of social media has made lives -not so private- every turn gets scrutinized as hell. Even footballers who are world class get the stick, how much more average ones.

  4. I think Southgate likes maguire and thinks he the best ch in his team who ever the manager picks is why he’s the boss but to personally have a go at him his family is a degrade he’s made one mistake that was on Tuesday all though World Cup he was great why not support him theses so called key briars warriors are an absolute joke

  5. Only my opinion but I don’t think that having jis mum ‘sticking up for him’ will do him any favours! She’s probably made the situation even worse! He’s a grown man after all.

  6. I don’t particularly like Harry Maguire but the constant, relentless abuse he received from Scots fans wasn’t funny. It was nasty, and amounted to bullying on a grand scale…..and I’m a Scot…an embarrassed one!

  7. The problem is the people who think it is ok to say evil rubbish about players, celebrities and the like, while hiding behind their little phones.
    I’m a Utd supporter and have suffered Maguire for how long now? But I’m not writing rubbish on social media about him.
    Having said that, Southgate should have known sending him on against Scotland in that caldron of emotions wouldn’t work out too great. Southgate is a nice guy, no doubt, and a good manager, but nice guys…

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