“P***k, f*** off”: Jordan Pickford could be in trouble after he was caught swearing at the referee

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Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford could be in trouble after he was caught on camera swearing at the referee.

It has been a game marred with controversial decisions. Arsenal had a goal disallowed earlier in the game after the VAR decided that Martinelli was offside, in what looked like a legitimate goal.

During the game, another incident became the talking point with calls from fans for a reciprocal punishment for Jordan Pickford who was caught on camera swearing at the fourth official.

The now viral video shows the goalkeeper angrily calling the referee a ‘p***k before telling him to F*** off’

Liverpool fans were quick to point out that if there is any consistency, he should be fined and banned the same way Van Dijk has been punished the FA for his outburst at the referee against Newcastle.

Fans are right about the inconsistency in officiating in the Premier League this season considering Oli McBurnie was shown a second yellow for telling the referee that a player had pulled his shirt yesterday.

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  1. Really? Have you heard yourselves … ok, consistency … almost every football fan should be banned from every ground …. I can assure you that fans on both sides called the ref far worse.

    And for clarity – Virgil walked back to the referee – in his face and did it – not just an emotional reaction that happened to be caught on todays high def cameras ….

    Shame they don’t use the same technology to throw fans who make disgusting chants or spend all game swearing, making racial comments or generally abusing the players and refs.

  2. Leeds as had bad decisions off referees for years , then along come var and ruined it all , the game is decided by the ref his decision should be final

  3. All you can see his him swearing , it could be at the ref it could also be at a team mate .Not enough evidence even for the FA .

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