Man United star stormed out of Old Trafford following Brighton defeat

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Harry Maguire reportedly stormed out of Old Trafford just minutes after Manchester United lost to Brighton and Hove Albion last weekend.

That’s according to a recent report from Football Insider, who claims the England international left the stadium within 15 minutes of the referee’s final whistle.

Witnessing a humbling 3-1 defeat at the hands of Roberto De Zerbi’s high-flying Seagulls, United’s latest slip-up sees them drop to 13th in the Premier League table.

And although he played no part after being an unused substitute, Maguire, 30, who was in international action for England last week, watched on as his teammates were convincingly beaten.

However, according to these latest reports, despite being one of the Red Devils’ most experienced and senior players, Maguire didn’t hang around following the side’s abysmal performance.

The 30-year-old, who was heavily linked with a summer transfer to West Ham, was seen ‘stomping’ away from the Theatre of Dreams, raising even more questions over his commitment to the club.

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  1. Harry Maguire upset? He is not loyal to United. This is the player who wanted the club to pay him 20 million to walk away. He’s only there for the money and his mother complains about fans abusing her greedy son.

    1. Harry is a bloodsucker..he wants to keep Utd at ransom, yet on the field his useless galore, how his picked for England is a miracle, another English player way overpriced, so himself, Martial Antony plus TenHag must just exit Old Trafford asap

    2. Completely disagree, it’s your stupid club that gave him to big money contract in the first place, it’s not greed it’s what he’s owed, why would he leave 20mil in unpaid wages behind? And his mum sticks up for him because he doesn’t deserve the abuse he gets. He treated like a criminal, He’s not good enough for utd but he was good enough when they signed him so that’s not his fault. Embarrassing this is from you

    3. You’re talking rubbish. The figure mentioned by the msm was £7m-£10m
      He’s under contract and the club don’t want him so pay up to someone who is loyal and gives 100% regardless of what people say about him.

    1. Omg. Just think of all the bullshit he’s had to put up with
      Bullshit takeover
      Maguire circus
      The clubs been in a mess for years and unless someone sorts out the shocking culture we be here in 20 years saying same rubbish.

  2. You a true reds fan then give him a chance look at our injured players bench wait till we get our full compliment of players back and see how results go then judge him for now get behind the team

  3. Harry is a bloodsucker..he wants to keep Utd at ransom, yet on the field his useless galore, how his picked for England is a miracle, another English player way overpriced, so himself, Martial Antony plus TenHag must just exit Old Trafford asap

  4. We got rid of a goal keeper who can stop shots but can’t pass the ball for a keeper who can pass the ball but can’t stop shots it’s a worrying time as we got defenders who can’t defend and midfielder who haven’t got a clue.

    1. 1355.7655% agree

      onana been disappointing.. but defs dont help him much..
      10H is gr8 in some ways, & utterly clueless in others..
      what on earth can Garnacho & Pellestri (2 youngsters) do in 5min or so, so save a game..
      like Ronaldos 2min vs Spurs.
      Garn gets 2 starts, plays average, then gets no game time..
      pellestri is lively every game, yet was about to loaned out again, & gets 5-10min when he is played.. how is that nurturing gr8 young talent..

      casemiro is obviously in need of a long break, hes old..

      holjand shuda got 7 or 8/10.. workd hard , but got no servis..
      rashfd, plays 5min brilliant, 85min soso, n lacks the mentality of Messi ‘pass the ball, dont always b selfish’ ..

      all defs shud b 3/10, esp lindo, .. & martinz is useless after his injury,

      bruno aint a captn, 2 emotional & hot headed… thats wot utd lack as well

      10H gone foolish in new season.. makes bad team wors wid his bad sub ins, esp when good subs sit on bench🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  5. Man united’s problem is not ETH but the Glazers should leave the club,our fans from UK should just continue striking against the Glazers to away,I know they are so comfortable with United getting a mega deal of snapdragon shirt sponsorship but it’s time for them to leave our Manchester united fc

    1. Mate,

      April fool’s Day was more than 5 months ago with the next one almost 6 months away.The season ticket holders we have won’t do that in a million years. They’re the ones keeping the glazers here.

    2. Supporters should do the most simplist thing and that is to boycott every game. Don’t even purchase Man Utd merchandise……

  6. I have supported this team for 73 years. It needs new owners : new manager : new players. Ten has lost the plot ; is not a premiership manager. Antony in Brazil. Sancho missing at odds with manager.
    No cover for centre back. Two new midfielders injured. New centre forward subbed for Martial. Greenwood in Spain .United paying his wages. Its a soap opera. I will always support them. But never thought I would see this day.

    1. Absolutely correct, the club as a whole, is a disaster zone, we have no one or nowhere to pull goals from, our keeper is a balloon head, he couldn’t stop a shot unless it hits him.

  7. MUFC needs to change inside and out.It’s not rocket science results count nothing else matters.The owners
    want 10 billion pounds, pay Zidane handsomely to come out of retirement, buy the best players. It’s a professional sport players don’t play for the shirt. The game become a totally business game, tv rights etc. So Glazers, you want 10 billion pounds so us the money.

  8. There is no signs of Ten Hag changing the team in a full two years in contral of the club just fighting players instead of helping them like De Zarb is doing. how can you get rid of a gkeeper like dgeya and bring an amature onana sorry.

  9. The biggest responsibility of any manager, football or otherwise, is to motivate the team to perform. Where there is below par team performance or star players do not perform the manager or team leader has failed in his primary task of motivating the team or individual team members to perform. Nothing is achieved by publicly criticizing underperforming players. Coach them to perform Mr Ten Hag

  10. There comes a time when Man Utd fans have to accept they are not worthy of being classified as a ‘top six’ club.

    Newcastle and Brighton should be considered to take their place as they are well run from top to bottom
    From someone that doesn’t support Utd I would be very concerned about the future

  11. You make a good point but Ten Hag is building a team around Rashford for some unknown reason and we all know that fickle individual is not someone to build a team around.

  12. Why should Harry have a committment to the club. Even as a Spurs lifetime supporter it saddens me to watch the decline of ManU, We want the thrill of beating them, not the agony of seeing them destroy themselves.

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