‘Worst ever’ ‘Disgusting’ – Midfielder launches scathing attack on Newcastle

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Arturo Vidal has launched a shocking attack on Newcastle’s performance against AC Milan this week.

Speaking on his Twitch account via RedGol the Chilean midfielder said:

“I saw the the worst game in the history of the Champions League. Milan and Newcastle, how they play that match in the Champions League, crazy.

“Not like the one between Porto and Shakhtar, great. Boring [Manchester] City, as always. The one between PSG and Borussia, the second half was good, in the first half I fell asleep.

“But those fools from Milan with Newcastle left me sick. They are lucky because they only know how to run, otherwise they wouldn’t be there.”

“I don’t understand Newcastle, they come fourth in the league, but they don’t do anything, disgusting. They have to risk their lives, if it is their first game, show a little more, they left me as angry as hell. This is Champions.” he continued.

“Barcelona, a machine, that was the best game, bye, there is nothing more. Well, the one between Porto and Shakhtar Donetsk was a great game, the other games were boring, yuck. Barcelona is a machine, it is moving forward like crazy, not like the other teams.”

Newcastle drew 0-0 at San Siro this weekend and while it wasn’t their best performance it was a good result away from home.