More bad news for Liverpool as they could now be fined by the FA

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According to Theo Squires of The Liverpool Echo, Liverpool could be handed a £25,000 disciplinary fine by the FA following their controversial defeat against Tottenham last night.

Liverpool saw a number of decisions go against them in what was a dramatic affair between the two sides.

Started with a Jones red card which had split opinions. The on-field referee initially shown Jones a yellow card as the Liverpool man got the ball first but upon being directed by the VAR officials to go to review at the monitor, only a still image of the player catching Bissouma was shown.

Ultimately, the referee reversed his decision and Jones was sent marching orders. But it was the scandalous decision moments later which has become the talking point.

Luis Diaz was denied a legitimate goal with the VAR ruling it offside despite him being clearly onside. Not only did they not draw the offside lines to deduce whether he was offside or not, the decision took them only several seconds.

Another incident later in the second half saw Diogo Jota get sent off for two quick yellow cards. But footage showed the Portuguese never touched Udogie and the Spurs man tripped over himself.

After the game, the PGMOL issued a statement admitted that the Luis Diaz goal should have stood citing ‘human error’ as an excuse.

But reports are now emerging that regardless, Liverpool could still be handed a fine by the FA for picking up 8 yellow and red cards.

Liverpool will be left infuriated if they are  handed a fine despite most of the bookings coming from wrong decisions.



  1. So the Ref makes blatant errors, hands out yellow cards like they’re candy, a disallowed goal was actually a goal .. one of the yellows was for an incident that didn’t occur, and to add insult to injury, the club gets fined? Let’s talk about the integrity of the game!

    1. Dreadful decisions from all officials. There is a lack of sincerity and integrity in some quarters. The match should be replayed .Now that it is clear that Jota made no contact and received a caution does not say much for the honesty or integrity of the Spurs player concerned. The result of this match was determined by the officials.

  2. The FA showing how weak they are yet again. It is not Liverpool they should be fining it is PGMOL and the var officials. These are the people who are ruining the game we love not Liverpool. The referee had no idea on how control a match and was as weak as the afore mentioned pair. I watch lower league football regularly and I have never seen a ref as poor as this one. Wake up FA.

  3. Demand a draw or replay that’s not good enough shocking. Making a mockery of the league why should Liverpool suffer.

  4. Is this year the year that Liverpool win nothing because all the players are suspended and we have to rely on the goal keeper to keep the other teams at bay. Its a joke, LFC for ever.

  5. Als LFC die boete van £ 25.000 zou moeten betalen , wat moeten die idioten van een scheidsrechter en zijn linnesmannen en de VAR dan betalen wegens ONPARTIJDIG zijn tijdens de wedstrijd . Want het was goed te zien dat LFC MOEST VERLIEZEN. NOG een goede raad als de PGMOL dit toelaat wordt het tijd dat ze allemaal een andere JOB gaan zoeken , en zich niet meer bezig houden met voetbal want daar kennen er toch niks van.

  6. Those ref are unbalanced poor spirited individuals who are given certain authorities and power ,they are of a very narrow minds ,they can’t make a healthy decision if their lives depend on it ,psychological review is required starting with Mr Webb himself….immediate attention recommended…..

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